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International Women’s Day 8th March – daring to be different!

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The Jeanius ladies on World Maritime Day

The Jeanius ladies on World Maritime Day

In the predominately male industry of shipping, being an all-female team has helped Jeanius Consulting cause quite a stir. Since its launch by Jean Winfield in September 2013, the award-winning Jeanius team has expanded rapidly and now boasts a global maritime client-base covering Europe, the Middle East, USA and the Far East.

So why has the world of shipping embraced female led Marketing and PR?

Say the words “Public Relations” in the shipping industry and the chances are most people’s initial reaction will be that, at worst, it is pretentious and pointless or, at best, expensive and intangible; however Jeanius is not your average maritime PR agency – it is one with a passion for maritime and a strong opinion, not only helping to raise clients’ profiles but making bigger waves across the whole industry.

Jean Winfield, Managing Director, said “As women, passionate about this industry, we really do offer something different. For an industry steeped in such rich heritage as maritime, we offer a fresh modern perspective, changing the way companies view PR.  As a key part of our main services, we are leading the way in our extensive use of social media, using it to engage our clients, and Jeanius, in key industry issues and news. Offering PR and marketing services without including social media these days is madness, yet many traditional maritime PR companies continue to ignore or misunderstand this growing medium – but not us – it’s one of our many areas of expertise and at the very heart of a modern PR and marketing strategy.”

Recognising that outsourcing all, or part, of a PR and marketing function to an external agency is a huge leap of faith for any company, Jeanius sees itself as an extension of its clients’ businesses, not a separate entity; providing a personal and tailored hands–on approach, with each client having its own unique offering that encompasses and links to its key operational areas. Jeanius’ growing reputation as a leading maritime PR company, with its active industry participation, was this week recognised by a visit from Gordon Marsden, UK Shadow Transport Minister, who spent time with the team discussing global maritime issues and government policies.

“I believe that Jeanius, being an all-girl team offers a fresh approach, which has been warmly received by the industry. We are proud to be very active across the maritime industry by way of committees, think tanks and events.  Not only does this give us added depth and knowledge, but also benefits our clients, in terms of our wealth of connections and involvement in the industry. On International Women’s Day, and every day, the team at Jeanius Consulting is proud to celebrate and be heard as part of the diverse, exciting, international shipping industry.” Jean added.

For more information visit www.jeaniusconsulting.com or find us on social media @jeaniusconsult

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