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The BDI: 56 points up…during the Ides of March

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our tenth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, this sunny Friday afternoon the 6th of March, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI closed earlier on four points up since yesterday Thursday the 5th March 2015 at  565  points which is 25 points plus since last week’s 540 points! But the Ides of March is here to stay in an overall strange geopolitical and business environment! We recommend CAUTION!!!
  • The BCI closed up six points, first time up for quite a while, at 470 points which is 51 points down since last week’s 521 points!  
  • The BPI was up four points at 587 which is 47 points up since last week’s 540 points! Indeed this size continues doing best!
  •  The BSI was also up six points at 566 which is 51 points up since last week’s 515 points. 
  •  The BHSI was up four points at 352 points which is 44 points up since last week’s  308 points.

The wets now:

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was up seven points at 851 which is 14 points up since last week’s closing at 837 points; the Cleans and the respective BCTI though was down six points at 693 points which overall is a 17 points plus since last week’s 676 points.

We still reiterate that this is the best time to enter shipping both for wets and dry tonnage! Dry Panamaxes, LR’s and ULCC’s with medium size chemicals will make your day!

BDI 1985 2015 WP_20150306_003

We invite you to study the BDI graphic  herein which starts on the 4th of January 1985, runs until today (29 plus years) and make up your mind, by telling us your view. We would like you to wonder why the Banks, Shipbrokers, and Yards encouraged such a newbuilding spree even when the market was above the 6, 000 points.

In geopolitics things go from worse to worse….on all fronts. We also have the important issue of economic geopolitics, far worse than one could imagine: 


  • Ukraine in total mess.
  • The Middle East too – we can’t see anymore vandalism from ISIS to our worldwide heritage; its about time we really take arms and smash them, if they don’t stop forthwith!
  • Lybia too, the entire hot zone from the straits of Gibraltar to Vietnam is in flames.
  • Piracy and terrorism the name of the game.
  • Immigrants, political or otherwise another big issue – the IMO event today tells it all; add the daily coverage from the media and you can see what is coming up if we don’t step up and end this palaver.
  • Europe: the mighty continent lead by Germany in disarray.  We repeat and we stress: Greece is NOT the problem; on this particular issue we can go live on any A1 TV/media, repeat live and entertain you appropriately; you dare!
  • Boko Haram too must be curbed!
  • North Korea on focus, but this time via an official who has US$ 1, 7 million worth of gold in his luggage; big catch!
  • The Fugro Supporter, one of the four ships in the flotilla,  continues its search for the missing flight MH370. We haven’t lost hope!
  • In Argentina, justice suffers too much… whilst in neighbouring Brazil interest rates are raised to a six year high at 12, 75 centum to curb inflation. The Big B of the BRICS must be monitored!
  • The US unemployment fell to 5, 5 percent; well done!

You can hear herebelow the live tape; have a nice weekend and Happy International Women’s Day!

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