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Friday 13th and the BDI still on the low side…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our eleventh weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, on a very special Friday, the 13th of March 2015 with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

  • The BDI closed earlier on two points up since yesterday Thursday the 12th March 2015 at 562 points which is down just one point since last week’s 563 points! Stagnation and unsustainability the name of the game!  End of the story! The Ides of March will remain all through this month and beyond for the foreseeable future. Once again: CAUTION!!!
  • The BCI closed down 16 points at 378 points which is 92 points down since last week’s 470. Volatility, overcapacity or what… the …floor is your to tell us….
  • The BPI was just one point down at 585 points which is two points down since last week’s 587 points. Not bad given the circumstances…
  •  The BSI was up 10 points at 606 which is 40 points plus since last week’s 566 points…
  •  The BHSI was up four points at 368 points which 16 points up since last week’s 352 points.

The wets now:

  • The Dirties and its BDTI index was down two points since last published at 816 which is 35 points down since last week’s 851 points.; the Cleans and the respective BCTI though was up 30 points at 710 which is also 17 points up since last week’s 693 points!  

We are close to the rock bottom, and ideal market to get in the shipping business or improve your fleet and investments subject cash is king, or better say you have the financial backing form some sort of financial source understanding shipping and its futurability. Mind me, that doesn’t mean, that any Tom, Dick and Hurry can enter the game.

The bankruptcies are looming in the background and wonder if the shipping divisions of many banks can be successful on their shipping portfolio’s stress tests. Listed companies are also going through a tough time; wonder how safe are the public’s investments.

The container trade becomes a very interesting game and liner companies will have to cut costs and freights to remain not just competitive but afloat; just wait and see if they don’t make alliances with tramp container owners what is going to happen!

In geopolitics continue to be as messy as ever:

  • Ukraine lives in uncertainty.
  • Russia flexes its muscles.
  • Germany remains a tough cookie, but as usually cookies do melt. And if you melt for the fourth time, then you need to reinvent yourself!
  • Another G in the horizon: Greece… oh well, you need to come to age and learn how to walk..
  • The Middle East with the ISIS sage continuing will create further destabilisation…
  • Libya???? Now what?
  • Migrations… Illegal Immigrations and human trafficking…
  • The entire Africa continent is an area to watch as the proxy wars and revolts will continue…
  • The US needs to reinvent itself in the world stage and become the spearhead of Liberal Free Democracy, otherwise we will end in the pathetic field of Socialism destruction… Mrs. Clinton do you red me…?
  • On another tone, we had an excellent WISTA London event last night at the IMO with Angie Redhead becoming the WISTA International Personality of the Year Award 2014; an excellent event. Other WISTA events are coming up with the WISTA-Hellas Dinner Dance 2015 taking place on Friday the 27th of March!

You can watch live the video herebelow; enjoy the weekend including Mothering Sunday!

P.S.: Its is GREFORM and not Greload as you might have hear in error from the tape; apologies.

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