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April fool’s day midweek Market blues….

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Unsustainable markets? Corrections? Or what… John Faraclas writes: 

The BDI close down six points, going down once again  under the 600 point mark, again in the difficult zone…

The Capers and the respective BCI  2014 was the culprit with minus 12 points at 463 points. The Panamaxes and their respective index, the BDI was also down just 2 points at 596!

The BSI four points down at 646 points and the BHSI down three at 393 points; all dry indices down!

C A U T I O N!!!!! Ship-re-financing a difficult issue these days to help you go through…

The wets on an …upwards trend and the last published BDTI stood at 809 points, up 17! Only one point was the gain for the cleans with the BCTI closing up just a point at 676 points.

Despite these levels and the entire 2014 being the annus horribilis for the markets the Greek Controlled shipping was on the rise! The Liner trade too steady and the LNG being the manna from heavens! Suspense?


With Easter just a few days ahead of us let us hope for the resurrection of the markets unless we are still on the right course in preserving that only the most capable shipping entities will stay afloat!

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