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Digital Asset approach delivers significant financial benefits for EPCs and OOs

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AVEVA Digital Asset Diagram FINAL CMYK OutlinedA new business paper discusses AVEVA’s collaborative, integrated approach to creating, sharing and maintaining digital information across all stages of the asset life cycle

Cambridge UK – 7 April 2015: AVEVA has announced today the release of a new business paper: “The Digital Asset Approach – Defining a new era of collaboration in capital projects and asset operations”. This paper focuses on the importance of the Digital Asset for both Engineering, Procurement, & Construction companies (EPCs) and Owner Operators (OOs). One of the consistent challenges in both major capital projects and asset operations is the availability to all stakeholders of trusted information for effective and timely decision-making.  Through the collaborative creation, sharing and maintenance of a Digital Asset throughout the life cycle of its physical equivalent, all parties can improve their collective business processes and increase ROI.

’The Digital Asset approach has been central to our product development for many years, ’ said Mat Truche-Gordon, Executive Vice-President – Business Strategy & Marketing, AVEVA. ‘At AVEVA we want to help EPCs and OOs to work together more effectively to deliver on-time, on-budget projects and ensure reliable plant operations.  We have seen this approach help our customers to “Unlock the Power of their Digital Asset” to support every stage of the asset life cycle.

‘Having access to trusted information enables EPCs and OOs in capital intensive industries to make the right decisions at the right time. For projects, our customers are eradicating costly rework due to avoidable errors and miscommunication, and as a result are delivering better schedule assurance and capital control. In operations, having fast, easy access to asset information ensures our customers are increasing safety, reliability and plant availability.’

AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach is unique, as it extracts greater value for customers from AVEVA’s tightly-integrated authoring applications, and is also open and flexible, accommodating information from any source.  This allows customers the complete freedom to continue to use any preferred applications for maximum benefit and minimum disruption.

“The Digital Asset approach –Defining a new era of collaboration in capital projects and asset operations” is available to download at www.aveva.com/en/digitalasset/businesspaper.


For over 45 years, AVEVA software has enabled the creation of some of the world’s most complex power and process plants, vessels and offshore facilities. AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach ensures there is always an accurate digital representation of each physical asset.  This allows engineering contractors, owner operators and ship builders to work safer,  more efficiently and with less risk throughout the life cycle of their projects and operations. For further information please visitwww.aveva.com/ednotes

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