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konf-14April 8, 2015 – Swedocean have teamed up with Danish Maritime Fair, the event taking place in Copenhagen this fall, from 6th to 8th of October, at the old Train Workshop (Lokomotivværkstedet). The venue, as big as 20 football fields, is ready to open its gates for all the maritime companies that will exhibit their products and services to the Nordic maritime cluster. 

Swedocean is a non-profit organization working to stimulate contact between its Swedish members, from the shipping and offshore business, and the global community. Swedocean is supporting its members to develop business in the marine sector since 1979, through involvement in fairs, seminars and environmental ventures, and also by visiting and networking with companies from the whole world. Today, Swedocean have 50 members, all leading marine suppliers, working as sub-contractors for the shipping and offshore industry.

There is great potential in this cooperation between the Swedish and Danish seafaring nations! Strengthened by their common maritime history, trough this exhibition, they can grasp the opportunity to expand their markets globally. This is why Swedocean has chosen to join Danish Maritime Fair and become a partner!

Lennart Fougelberg states that “Being part of Danish Maritime Fair is a global window of opportunity for its 50 leading marine companies, to expand more and to grow within the shipping and offshore business. The cooperation is expected to develop a closer bond between the two maritime clusters, and to generate mutual benefits. The Danish exhibition is an interesting activity for the Swedocean members”

Jakob Le Fevre, who is responsible for the development of Danish Maritime Fair, states that “Being able to cooperate this closely with the strong Swedish marine sector provides new possibilities for development, and creates great growth potential for both, the Danish Maritime Fair and for the Nordic marine cluster, with recall of the common cultural history.”

The Maritime Fair in Copenhagen is about business, networking and innovation and it is a new window of opportunity for companies looking to expand their horizons.

For more information, please contact:

Jakob le Fevre, Head of Business Development/ Sales Director, Esplanaden 30.4, DK – 1263 København K, Mobile: +45 6160 6062, Direct:  +45 3160 4015, E-mail: jlf@MaritimeDanmark.dk,  www.DanishMaritimeFair.dk


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