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UKHO launches ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals 1, 3, 4 and 5

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UKHO ADPADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) is now the complete package

ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals is the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative source of information on all aspects of maritime radio communication, now available in digital format to make it easier to search and update than paper publications.

Together with ADRS 2, which provides positional and timekeeping references to help ensure ships are in the right place at the right time, and ADRS 6, which provides maritime radio communications information for 3, 600 locations worldwide, all six volumes of ADRS now form part of ADP as computer-based applications of the UKHO’s market-leading paper-based nautical reference guides.

ADP also includes ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights, the most comprehensive worldwide source of navigational light and fog signal information, detailing over 70, 000 light structures worldwide. As well as ADMIRALTY TotalTide, the world’s most comprehensive tidal prediction programme, allowing crews to make tidal predictions for more than 7, 000 ports and 3, 000 tidal stream stations worldwide.

ADP contains the same information as the paper equivalents, but the digital format provides bridge crews greater efficiency, faster updating and more flexible information access. Furthermore, since ADP updates are provided electronically every week and take just seconds to apply, the risk of human error and the time taken to apply manual corrections is greatly reduced, which supports safe passage planning and navigation.

The vast majority of the world’s leading Flag States have approved the use of ADP as SOLAS carriage-compliant meaning that 80% of all ships trading internationally can carry the digital versions of these publications instead of their paper equivalents.

Christine Trickett, Senior Product Manager – Publications at the UKHO commented:

“With the launch of ADRS 1, 3, 4 and 5, mariners have access to a wealth of essential radio signal information in a digital format for the first time, including Maritime Radio and Meteorological Observation Stations, Maritime Safety Information Services and GMDSS. Combined with ADRS 2 and 6, ADP now includes all of our global radio signal information in a digital format, giving bridge crews faster and easier access to the information that they need for passage planning and navigation, as well as faster and simpler weekly updates.

“The number of Flag States that have approved digital nautical publications as meeting SOLAS carriage requirements is testament to the benefits that they bring to the bridge, compared to their paper equivalents. Over 80% of internationally trading ships can now benefit from the speed, accuracy and ease-of-use of ADP to support their safe and efficient navigation around the world.”


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