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All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers Ltd – new name for well-established service

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MSC-logo-bigOne of East Africa’s oldest ship supplier companies has amended its name to emphasize its growing ability to supply anything that a ship may require.

“We have added ‘All Supply’ to our original name ‘Mombasa Ship Chandlers Ltd’ because we always manage to find exactly what is needed – whether it is pre-ordered or an emergency supply, ” explains Managing Director Mohammed Muses.

All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers Ltd, a second generation family business headquartered in Mombasa, Kenya, has been a member of ISSA (International Ship Suppliers and Services Association) for many years and it is the only dedicated ship supplier in Kenya with the ISSA quality mark.

The company sources foodstuffs both locally and abroad to ensure quality and highly competitive prices. It works closely with a strategic partner in the Nairobi fruit and vegetable market to be able to guarantee the highest quality fresh produce, processed and packed in strict hygiene conditions, and it imports a wide range of internationally-recognised dry goods brands.

“This ensures we can cater for the food requirements of everyone, including all the ethnic groups, onboard all of the international ships calling in East African ports, ” says Muses. “Our range is the most extensive in the region and our facilities include a storage area for 300 tonnes of temperature controlled and 100 tonnes of ambient goods just a kilometre away from the port of Mombasa.”

All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers Ltd also supplies everything from chemicals, gases and fire and other safety items to any spare or replacement deck and engine parts which a ship may require. It is a key contact for vessels and shipping agents for the supply of navigational requirements, especially from the British Admiralty Catalogue.

Its team of 40 will also organise any other service requested including pest control, diving and cleaning, forwarding and customs clearance, and any medical or chauffeuring services needed.

“We are the local agent for Merichem Merigases and we are able to offer refilling services for all required gases in under 24 hours. In addition, we also have a stock of exchangeable cylinders which we can offer for more urgent orders, ” says Muses.

All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers Ltd has built a strong reputation in the petroleum and lubricants sector so it is able to supply a wide variety of these products very quickly.

The company supplies all deck, engine, electrical and fire and safety items that are required and has an international supplier base for products that are not available locally. This is backed up by an in-house clearing and forwarding department which makes sure that all shipments, including urgent deliveries, arrive at the vessels in time.

“We have always had a reputation for quality service and highest business ethics, and now our name also reflects the extensive range of services and supplies we can offer, ” says Muses.

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