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Tankers switch to digital

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In July 2015 international regulation requires all tankers to be compliant with IMO rules for the use of ECDIS and ENCs. As many shipping companies start planning that changeover Global Navigation Solutions (‘GNS’) has today published a white paper ‘The Ultimate Guide to Going Digital’, a 7-Step plan to help managers plan everything from new ways to buy charts, manage inventories, update charts, demonstrate compliance, passage plan, as well as dealing with the increased administration.

Recent GNS assignments have shown that even where shipping companies believe their vessels to be carrying a standard inventory of charts and publications, there are often serious discrepancies and deficiencies. The 7-Step plan incorporates (i) an audit of existing charts & publications (ii) assessment of requirements to meet ECDIS regulations (iii) communicate the roll-out plan (iv) commence software roll-out to enable vessels to manage digital charts and other digital data, as well as updating services (v) switch to digital publications (vi) switch from paper to digital charts, and (vii) reduce paper chart folios.

Commenting on the launch, Captain Mike Bailey, Head of Navigational Products at GNS said: “If you are still scratching your head about the best place to start, or even if you are doing okay, then our 7-Steps are for you.”

Copies of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Going Digital’ are available to download free of charge at www.gnsworldwide.com/support


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