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Tendering process for construction of Arctic icebreaker for Novy Port Terminal kicks off

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aker arc 130

aker arc 130

Seven companies submit bids for designing of icebreakers to support operations at Novy Port terminal (Yamal)

7 companies have submitted bids for the contract for designing and construction of an icebreaker of Project AARC130A: Spetssudoproekt CJSC (RUB 67, 162, 475.04), Nordic Yards Holding GmbH (RUB 203 mln), Aker Arctic (EUR 2.97 mln), FSUE Krylov State Research Center (RUB 47.2 mln), Design Bureau for Shipbuilding “Vympel” OJSC (RUB 74, 005, 500), Marine Engineering Bureau – Design-SPb CJSC (RUB 65 mln), KhS Morskoye Proektirovanie LLC (RUB 67 mln). According to the tender materials, maximum contract price is RUB 74, 005, 500.
The following companies have submitted bids on the lot for elaboration of work design documents, acceptance/delivery documentation, operational documentation and technological documentation for the construction and delivery of the icebreaker of Project AARC130A: Spetssudoproekt CJSC (RUB 235, 063, 569.37), Nordic Yards Holding GmbH (RUB 348 mln), Krylov State Research Center FSUE (RUB 171.1 mln) and Design Bureau Petrobalt LLC (RUB 241 mln). Maximum contract price is RUB 246, 125, 300.
Arctic LNG Icebreaker

Arctic LNG Icebreaker

So, the highest bid price is offered by Nordic Yards and Aker Arctic, the lowest – by Krylov State Research Center.

The proposals are to be reviewed on June 2, 2015 with the tendering process to be completed on June 15, 2015.
The tender has been announced by Vyborg Shipyard entrusted to build the vessels.
Two icebreakers based on Aker ARC 130 A concept developed by Aker Arctic will be constructed for assisting the tankers in the harbour and on their route to Novy Port terminal and during loading operations.
The first vessel with similar concept (Aker ARC 130) is currently being built in Finland for the Finnish Transport Agency and will be the first LNG-fuelled icebreaker. The icebreakers for Gazprom Neft will be slightly different as they will not use LNG as fuel and will have a stronger hull and more power than the Finnish icebreaker.Arctic icebreaker

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