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UDTVisitors to Undersea Defence Technology exhibition are having the opportunity to view a diversity of new products and technologies at the Ahoy convention centre in Rotterdam.

ALSEAMAR is featuring the unmanned underwater multi-mission Sea Explorer rechargeable glider, which can spend up to 60 days at sea and relay information across thousands of kilometres. This capability is particularly valuable for carrying out sustained, stealthy surveillance of hostile regions on a cost effective basis, carrying sensors to locations that might be unsafe for manned platforms.

Aeromaritime is displaying the new multipurpose AT-6000 antenna system. It is designed for omnidirectional transmission and reception of signals for UHF-SATCOM communication with the combination of VHF/UHF-LOS operation on land-based vehicles as well as on board submarines and surface ships.

Ortega Submersibles is using a stunning virtual reality presentation to brief visitors on their Mk.1C three-crew submersible craft that is capable of fast, long-range travel either on or under the surface. It has a surface and submerged speed of 10 knots, has a minimum range of 125 nautical miles and is stealthiest within 10 metres below the surface.

RTSYS Marine Technologies’ DA-SDA14 sonar and navigation system assists divers during recognition or object-detection missions. It employs sensors for heading, immersion and DVL (Doppler) together with GPS for surface initialisation. Divers are able to send messages and share contacts via a UW modem, while sonar and navigation data are fully recorded, allowing mission replay, data analysis and export. Trials with the French Navy begin shortly. The company also reports that its APV-RT autonomous portable vehicle recoverable target is now performing well in service with the French Navy.

Teledyne BOWTECH is introducing the ARMS anchor retrieval monitoring system, which has been developed around state of the art inspection technology. ARMS enables individual monitoring of all mooring chains and anchors, eliminating the need to off/on load material and ballast. The system monitors, logs and records, keeping times of the operation, with playback for lessons learned during the rig move.

Saab has announced the receipt of an order from Modus Seabed Intervention Ltd for delivery of Seaeye Sabertooth Hybrid AUV/ROV during the first quarter 2016. The order is the first in a planned fleet of Sabertooth vehicles from Saab, which will be available on the market during 2016. It also includes a collaboration agreement between Saab and MODUS where Modus will provide, among other things, operational input to the future development of the system.

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About UDT

UDT 2015 will be the 28th edition. UDT is the only dedicated undersea defence technology conference and exhibition, bringing together naval procurement specialists, defence scientists and key technology providers for discussion, networking and the examination of new technology. The event, which is staged in Europe and Asia, covers the entire spectrum of undersea defence and security technology and the emphasis is very much on preparing for the future by identifying today the factors that are shaping the future of undersea security.

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