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A fair & free platform for Maritime Businesses by Sailors Club

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Sailors ClubAn Endeavour to provide Maritime Business Owners greater visibility.

24 June 2015, Kolkata: In today’s world of social media proliferation the market is cluttered with options and obstacles between one’s business and its target market. This is most noticeable for the maritime businesses as they require a very specialized audience to promote their products and services. Sailors Club was created to provide this concentrated relevant audience and a hassle free platform for promoting maritime businesses.

Maritime Business owners are faced with the choice of either registering in the directories which would list their business or advertising. The chances of a potential client finding you are also left to luck in these directories. Moreover as a majority of these directories are paid , thus chances of landing a potential customer grow even slimmer.

With the advent of the age of Social Media the reach of business houses has no doubt increased. But the question remains whether the audience that they are getting is actually formed of the target market for the maritime business holder. In larger Social Media networks, even though the overall number of members are higher, one cannot be guaranteed of the relevance of the membership with the particular maritime product / services. Even with the formation or joining of groups one cannot be assured of getting potential clients and moreover have to sort through piles of SPAM and useless shares and posts for relevant information.

Advertising in Social Networks is one option that has been chosen by many maritime businesses. But the cost of these advertisements is often not justifiable when compared to the kind of response received. Posting adverts in these networks is so expensive that they can bleed your business dry in months and there are no guarantee that the expenses will be converted into sales figure in future.

Sailors Club was conceptualized specifically to provide the maritime business owners to obtain the greater visibility that they always desired. The vision for Sailors Club is to provide the maritime businesses with the platform so that they can connect and promote their services and products in a hassle free environment. Membership in this network is Free and any maritime business owner starting from Seafarer, Ship chandler, Crew manager, Ship surveyors to P&I Insurance brokers can come and post their requirements for Free as many times as they want and also get connected to as many members as they wish. Hence by policy and design Sailors Club allows you to make multiple postings and connections without charging a single penny from the maritime business owners.

Sailors Club also helps business owners in person, with personalized and affordable Brand Building Packages which enable the maritime businesses to connect to and reach out to a wider and more concentrated potential market. Starting from providing directories, mass mailing potential clients with product / service updates to sending adverts directly to the ships- Sailors Club offers all the solutions a maritime business owner has been looking for.

It’s about time maritime businesses stop living on the mercy of others and get a fair social networking platform from where they can obtain relevant connections.

In the long run Sailors Club wishes to launch a live online market place where players from the industry can enter into valid transactions in a safe and secure environment.

About Sailors Club:

Sailors Club is a free social networking site dedicated exclusively to the maritime industry. Launched in the year 2013, Sailors Club already has membership of over 18, 000 maritime professionals including seafarers, ship management companies, ship owners, chandlers, P&I officers, surveyors and maritime media. Along with providing a free platform to the maritime community to interact and connect, Sailors Club also provides many other free services such as Daily National News to Ships, Weather updates, Vessel Tracking, Container Tracking etc.


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