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Siobhan Paparcura, Eric Pietrac and Rita Barnish

Siobhan Paparcura, Eric Pietrac and Rita Barnish

Marketing you*; on of Afrimari’s best!

Despite many events going on at the same time, a very…unusual issues in the Maritime spectrum – particularly in London, the interest was there for all to hear some very special experts in the field; John Faraclas writes:

Shipping is the most demanding of all sectors of business and marketing knowledge and advance personal skills a must. Companies have their agenda, but its down to individuals to perform same successfully – and profitably!WP_20150625_073

On a rather warm midweek London evening at the premises of The Institute of Chartered Arbitrators at the heart of Bloomsbury Square, three speakers from  a selected background in human resources explained in detail and replied to demanding questions in an effort to further the marketing personal skills further, particularly in job hunting…

Siobhan Paparcura from Spinnaker, Eric Pietrac from Subsea 7 and Rita Barnish delivered excellent papers, two of them with slides. It was such the interest, that even a 13 minutes delay due to an IT problem before Rita Barnish begun her presentation to make all 17 present remain.

WP_20150625_072Interestingly the Shipbroking field was the one attracting the interest being the most debatable one.

Networking at the post soft drinks and dips reception was at its best.  Good to see old friends from the shipbroking fraternity! Excellent!

We look forward to more of such events and once again congrats to Temi and Gemina for their initiative in organnising such an event!

*Abba would have loved it…  Marketing you, Marketing me… A Ha!

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