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GAC 01072014


Panama, Panama Canal
World Holidays: 5-18 July 2015
COUNTRY: Worldwide
Public holidays around the world in the coming two weeks include the following:Sun 5 Jul – Algeria Independence DayMon 6 Jul – Day of the Capital (Kazakhstan)

Fri 17 Jul – Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)

Sat 18 Jul – Eid al-Fitr

Sat 18 Jul – Turkmenistan National holiday Oraza Bayramy


For information about operations around the world contact the respective GAC office. Details may be found under ‘GAC Worldwide’ at gac.com

Implementation of water conservation measures
July 04, 2015, Panama, Panama Canal
The water levels at Gatun and Madden Lakes are currently well below the expected levels for this time of year. Based on a comprehensive analysis of historic data, both current and projected water utilization, as well as the estimated rainfall in the Canal watershed for the remainder of the rainy season, the Panama Canal has deemed it necessary to implement water conservation measures in order to reduce the possibility of draft restrictions in the near future.Therefore, the following measures are being implemented:

– Suspension of hydraulic assist procedures at the locals for deep draft vessels;

– Maximization of the use of cross-filling and cross-spilling at the locks;

– Suspension of special lockages for handlines; and,

– Mazimization of tandem lockages.


These measures are not expected to have a major impact on the Canal’s capacity; however, some may have an impact on normal transit operations. These conservation measures are expected to remain in force until the water levels return to normal.


(For information about operations in the Panama Canal contact GAC-Wilford & McKay atgac-wilfordmckay.panama@gac.com)

Source: Panama Canal Authority Advisory to Shipping No.A-19-2015 dated 3 July 2015

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