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Anarelys PintoJust over five years ago, an 18-year-old girl, overflowing with enthusiasm and determination, joined the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) and undergo a very rigorous training programme to become a merchant marine officer. This was not an easy decision; being a seafarer was not a tradition in Anarelys´family, but traveling and getting to know the world was definitely one of Anarelys´ dreams. Very early on at University, Anarelys showed strong leadership skills and became an active member of the university´s Honour Guard, as well as other student associations. Whilst at university, Anarelys was well known because she got involved in many student activities, but above all, she was someone who was well liked, who made many friends and won the respect and consideration of many.

Anarelys completed her academic training in 2013 and because of her high grades she obtained a cadet-in-training position on board a merchant vessel. Once she completed her one-year sea time, she would be a full-fledged merchant marine officer. But, destinty had other plans and after six months aboard the vessel, her heart began skipping a beat and that´s when a heart condition was diagnosed. So, when news of Anarelys medical problem became public, no one at university or in any way related to the local maritime community remained indifferent —and everyone wanted to help! This is how the “donate a heartbeat” campaign began and at this time the goal is to raise $10, 000 USD to help Anarelys undergo heart surgery and install a pacemaker, which will help her win this battle. After surgery, chances are that Anarelys will not be able to work on a merchant vessel anymore, but she still has a great career ahead of her —shore based —in the port-maritime and logistics industry all over the world. No one doubts that, with your help, Anarelys will win over her medical problems —and that soon after that, she will a very successful executive in the maritime world.


If you are interested in contributing, please write to info@umip.ac.pa   #donandolatidosumip 

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maria dixon July 22, 2015 - 6:33 AM

Good morning!
Thanks for publishing this! Her peers, friends, former teachers and shipping people have been buying a heart beat – a big red heart printed on cardboard, for USD10 the peace to contribute to get the money to get her a pacemaker and indeed with the help of all of us Anarelys will have a wonderful future and a brilliant career.
Remember the phrase ++teach a man to fish and will feed himself forever++. So here it is also a thought, give also after her operation an opportunity to become a shipping professional by offering a job! After her operation, she will need a salary to quickly go back to normal life. I am sure somebody out there may also change this young lady to land on her two feet, have a good job and live a good life. She needs a heartbeat now, but tomorrow a good job could be waiting for her, that will be the best medicine to cure here, a brand new exciting job!
My prayers are with her and all of you out there reading and thinking how to help! God bless you all!

If anyone is interested, I have also the Panama’s bank account



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