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Outside a temporary...accomodation: washed clothes hanging before the migrants departure to Piraeus...

Outside a temporary…accomodation: washed clothes hanging before the migrants departure to Piraeus…

We have numerous times in writing expressed our dismay from the way the Migrants saga is being tackled by governments, politicians, organisations, ngo’s and others over the last four years, particularly in the Mediterranean region and its periphery. The four peninsulars of shame (Iberic, Italian, Balkan and Anatolia) become the focal point after the “Arab Spring” and the unreasonable operations in Syria, Iraq and other issues taking place in countries as far as Afghanistan and Somalia creating despicable conditions of humans to live.

The wave of immigrants has been well in advanced calculated by few pragmatic and responsible media and we are one amongst them in expressing ahead of time what will happen and what is needed to be done. Our latest reporting from Crete and Chios speaks of the despicable events there…

Today’s reporting covers the Greek Migrants saga. In Greece, unfortunately, wrong appointments on all layers of society – government/administration in particular offers the worse results.

What many witness and think that must be done to end this situation, cannot be understood by the current Greek lefty loony administration and in particular by the Ministers of Migration, Shipping, Defence and Foreign  affairs, damaging the efforts of the Greek Ministress of Tourism in a period where every Euro coming in Greece counts!

For a start, the Greek MFA must vigorously complain not just to the EU and its respective Commissioner – by the way the Greek Mr. Demetris Avramopoulos, not only to all European Union governments, not only to all European governments, not only to the UN respective agencies, but to all foreign affairs ministers for Turkey’s attitude in allowing, on purpose, thousands – soon millions, of Migrants to cross over to the Greek Islands and mainland Greece, on their way to other European States. Turkey’s agenda of destabilising its periphery and Europe is well known ever since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and lately over its accession efforts failed attempts to join the European Union. If Turkey doesn’t abide by the rules, then it confirms that it forms a pariah state and as such should be expelled from all organisations. What is NATO doing on this?

Following the North Africa conflict which has left a destabilising area from Morocco to Egypt and on north east to Syria, it was well known what was going to happen with the flow of Migrants to Europe; so where are the contingency plans in place to tackle such an emergency which already delivers incalculable effects, forget the repercussions as these will surface very soon to the worst effect/extend for all intents and purposes. It was an expected emergency, but on purpose many remained silent and inactive, fully ostrichising. Try and compare what happens after an earthquake or another natural disaster, how well organised is the European fraternity and the east Med countries – including Turkey) and you can see the on purpose apathy for further destabilising the region and Greece, Italy, France and Spain to another extent.  The mobilization of forces, goods, medicine etc., and their transfer over to regions suffering has always been excellent; why not now? The effects of this can be witnessed as far as Dover and Calais – the latest melee has no precedent! Even without the latest (since the Arab Spring)  flow of Migrants, there was a “problem”, add the entry of some eastern European States citizens in the European Union and you can see what’s happening given the arrivals of these countries nationals, not just to the north Continental Europe, but over to the shores of Britain!

In a previous reporting we have said that only a Naval Blockade can have results as Turkey will cease to send over immigrants and have all its traffickers arrested by the EU and NATO Naval Fleets. The Turkish prime minister’s latest BBC interview on the issue speaks of itslef; lies, damn lies from Mr. Davoutoglou!

Did I hear you say Health? Did I hear you say Deceases from the flow of migrants and lack of hygiene means and personnel (doctors, nurses) and  other means, such as medicines? The Greek Islands already stretched due to the high touristic season, obviously cannot cope with these needs, but this is no excuse as risk analysis should have prompted the sick-state of Athens to be Ready, Willing and Able to Deliver the much needed and necessary support avoiding condemnation from the millions of tourists in the region (whose holidays are spoiled to a certain extent) and the wrath of locals (mayors and citizens including businesses) from the situation created against the respective but not responsible ministers in Athens and Brussels. Bringing the immigrants to Athens and creating “Migrants Heavens”, with delays vis-a-vis the airconditioning is more than a palaver!

It is about time the respective ministers of shipping and migration resign! Why? Well, it is a common secret that the Greek Cost Guard is far below its “nominal” number of personnel. Instead of being 12, 500 (twelve thousand five hundred) they are below 9, 000 (nine thousand). How they can cope with 14, 000 miles of coast lines? With so many islands? With Health and Safety, with Search and Rescue? Don’t ask for the means! Those responsible and accountable for must seat on the dock!

This latest issue is not a new one; it dates at least a decade back! Instead of pompous announcements of re-recruiting, with all due respect, the famous cleaners for the Ministry of Economy, they (SYRIZA) should have recruited Harbour Police Officers/Personnel as well as Coast Guard Officers!!!! And by the way: in a sea-nation like Greece is more than stupid not to know how to express yourself and announcing that a 2, 000-2, 500 seats boat / ship will sail to Kos and “house” some of the immigrants; bullshit! One says “…a 1, 000 cabins vessel so as to house about 2, 500” displaced and suffering people for the protection of all! Please, wake up Mr. Flabouraris; you need more than twenty cruise/passenger ships on this very instance! Equally, instead of pompous announcements of reinstating the Ministry of Merchant Marine (Shipping) by the previous minister, who equally bears the blame, other issues should have taken place, such as the recruitment of personnel…

Amid the world’s and in particular Europe’s biggest scam against Greece and its people with all these unnecessary MOU’s deriving from an on purpose relentless lending over 41 years to strangulate the Greek people and sell this country at a piece-meal (as they are trying to do), the last thing to see and or “imagine” from all naïve citizens of this country and Europe, is during this touristic season (at its peak) to have all this mickey moussing with Migrants, SHAME!!!! Ah! Forgot the Asylum Seekers and Political Sufferers of the various authoritarian regimes… Come on, wake up as the Nemessis  Avalance will have no end upon you dear oh dear Ministers and Greek Law Makers AND your European counterparts !

We hope somebody will write books on Lambedussa, Sicily, Malta, Crete, Chios, Lesvos, Samos, Kos, Farmakonisi, Inoussai and other places of immigrants sufferings!

Following the fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 80’s/early 90’s, the Balkan Wars (dissolution of Yugoslavia) and the flow of Migrants mainly to Italy, Greece and a few other cuntries the “strategists” knew well of the coming avalance of Migrants, the “sudden” influx etc etc. No excuses, please; we know you are both morons and your soul is sold to the wrong vested interests! Anybody interested for the social cohesion in Europe?

Finally, we must congratulate the Hellenic Coast Guard  officers for their efforts so far, given the state and conditions under which they operate and hope somebody will listen. Thanks to the unsolicited offers of the UGS (Union of Greek Shipowners), The GSCC (Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee) and other bodies for their continuous support for the cause! We also hope FRONTEX the EU, NATO et al,  really support by all means this Migrants issue; terrorists are ante portas!!

We look forward to your written comments.

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