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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

As we have numerous times written, the shipping markets are unstable and during the last two weeks a few listed companies are going slowly slowly in the red; the blues is on the way. Lets see how many more will face the music… err the sea breeze…  John Faraclas warns:

Be it the world’s worse economic slum or the geopolitical turmoil, one thing is certain: this current market and its projection will create soon havoc. Be on guard as the gurus and analysts spectacularly failed and will continue to fail as they cannot face reality or they are unaware of geopolitics and length of the mega oval (not circle of cycle)…of the markets. Herwbelow are the latest figures of the market indices so that you can make up your mind…:

  • The BDI, the Baltic Dry Index, closed down 15 points since yesterday the 18th of August at 1, 031 points which is 24 points down since last Friday’s (the 14th of August) 1, 055 points.- Far beyond the 2, 274 of Dec.2013 closing… Will the BDI dive below the 1, 000 point barrier?
  • The BCI 2014 was 65 points down at 1, 773 points, down 111 points since last Friday’s closing of 1, 884 points…
  • The BPI was down just  three points at 1, 049 which is minus eight since last Friday’s closing of 1, 057 points. Our favourite size remains steadish but on a downward trend.-
  • The BSI was up five points at 920 which is 15 points up since last Friday’s closing at 905 points. Not rich pickings though…and,
  • The BHSI was up four points at 453 points which is also four points up since last Friday’s closing at 449 points. An overall falling dry market.
  • The wets now and last published figures: the Dirties and its BDTI index  was down 11 points and 19 respectively from last Friday’s recorded 673 points.
  • The Cleans and its respective BCTI was down three points at 675 points which is another five points down since last  week’s closing of 680 points.-

The price of oil continues to fall standing today in the region of US$ 40 which is three dollars down since Friday’s closing at US$ 43. CAUTION, with capital letters!

The geopolitical situation is simply wild. We have warned you! Despite all the above, we reiterate the view that this the best ever market to acquire ships, both newbuildings and well maintained second-hand double eco ones; it’s a buyers’ market stupid, but for the wealthy few!

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