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Grace Pappas

Grace Pappas

Despite what they say, you read and think these days and in particular over the last six years, all being manipulations of the wrong governed media, Greece is in reality the place of tranquillity, environmental peace, and optimistic young people who don’t, and won’t give up whatever happens. Same applies for all Greeks; they will never give up! With over 22 million tourists you can imagine how many more can enjoy the Olympian Gods Nation…

Young Greeks from all over the world bring their friends around to share with them their love, optimism and calmness for Greece, and in numerous ways as you will see in this unique video herebelow that Grace Pappas* created, the preparation of a new era for the troubled nation.

The beneficial aspects of a sea-nation, its natural beauty with its thousands of  miles of coastline, islands and climatic conditions being second to none on Planet Ocean, day by day improves its touristic supremacy and that of maritime tourism to all intents and purposes.

Log on herebelow, watch this unique video titled: Greece under the microscope, and send us your comments:


*Grace Pappas is currently studying at the University of the Arts in London, Camberwell College of Arts and she’s also a graduate of the Hellenic American Educational Foundation

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