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The Saints of Chios

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The book cover with the Saints of Chios from the collection icons of ophalmic surgeon Dr. Stefanos Demopoulos

The book cover with the Saints of Chios from the collection icons of ophalmic surgeon Dr. Stefanos Demopoulos

This book is an account of all the saints as well as the Ecclesiastical History of Chios, the island of the winds which today rules the waves in the shipping industry. It begins from the early days of Christianity and runs until today.

The devotion to the Christian religion and the Saints of these islanders is more than unique. Apparently many literature books written by Chian writers are characterized by the religious factor and influence, take for example Virginia G. Pitaoulis’ novel “Tempest at the cape” and you can see what we mean.

All Greek beneficial owned ships have at least two to three icons in the chart room; that of Saint Nicholas, the Saint after whom the vessel is named and sometimes that of the Virgin Mary – Panaghia in Greek. Sometimes, local saints too have their place… The religious element with shipping is something not just unexplained but extra-terrestrial… Worth reminding you that in the entrance of the Nautical Museum of Chios, a painting of Saint Nicholas stands in a covered -built window welcoming all visitors. Moreover this religious devotion of the Chian Masters of the Seven Oceans made up the majority of the Treasure Offerings in London’s St. Sophia Cathedral – the exhibits attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world!

Popi Chalkias-Stefanou’s book – which received a prize from the Athens Academy, will take you by surprise! This second edition covers some very important issues such as the geographical position of Chios in the central eastern Aegean, its rich history, its occupants, rulers and dynasts  which greatly influenced the life on the island, the lifespan of the Christian Orthodox Church  – and Catholic too given the Genovese past here and  some miracles which took place on the island. There isn’t as yet any other research and analysis of this kind!

Moreover the book is divided in four parts; part one covers the Saints born on Chios – about twenty-two; part two the Saints who have passed by from this special island and left their legacy- about thirty-one, part three  is an account for those specially worshiped and honoured, and part four refers to the miracles  which took place on the island.

We hope that this book will be soon available in English and other languages for the world to understand the true religious devotion and how same mingles with the seafaring profession and shipping too. Pleased to see the contribution of the Chian shipping fraternity and others in making this book’s appearance possible.

Interesting lay out all over its 700 plus pages meticulously set by EPTALOFOS Publications.

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