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GAC 01072014

Panama, Panama Canal
Brazil, Rio De Janeiro
Suspension of previously announced draft restriction
September 03, 2015, Panama, Panama Canal
The Panama Canal Authority has announced the suspension of the first draft restriction that had been scheduled to come into effect on 8 September.Although the level of Gatun Lake is still well below normal levels for the time of year, and the “El Nino” phenomenon is still present in the region, the amount of rainfall in the Canal watershed in the last few days, in combination with water conservation measures implemented, has made it possible for the Panama Canal to suspend the announced restriction. Therefore, until further notice, vessels will continue to be allowed to transit at their maximum Panama Canal approved draft up to 12.04 metres (39.5 feet) TFW.Draft restrictions may again be necessary should weather conditions change and the level of Gatun Lake begins to fall, in which case, the restriction will be announced with at least 4 weeks advance notice.


For information about operations in the Panama Canal contact GAC-Wilford & McKay atgac-wilfordmckay.panama@gac.com

Pilotage taxes raised
September 03, 2015, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro
Taxes for pilotage at the port of Acu will be adjusted in the coming days.There are no fixed values given so far, but information from the port authorities suggest that the taxes will be raised based on the National Consumers Prices Index and Market Prices General Index. The adjustments began officially on 1 September.The superport of Acu, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the biggest in Brazil with a capacity of over 300 MTPA including oil, steel, coal and iron ore.


For information about operations in Brazil contact GAC Brazil at brazil@gac.com

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