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IUMI emphasises education, communication and lobbying

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Dieter Berg

Dieter Berg

At the highly anticipated International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) annual conference,   IUMI President, Dieter Berg, detailed a number of key initiatives that will  continue to raise the organisation’s profile and political influence on an international level. These included:

  •     To strengthen the association’s presence in emerging markets, specifically in Asia and Latin America, by building relationships with its members in the Far East and with an Asia roadshow planned for this winter with meetings organized in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Tokyo will be the location for the 2017 annual conference
  •     To further support and strengthen close cooperation with IUMI members and affiliate members.
  •     To advocate the interests of the global marine insurance industry by promoting current maritime industry topics at a political level, increasing IUMI’s influence at a political level, NGOs and regulatory authorities and further strengthen cooperation with industry stakeholders.
  •     To strengthen the political influence of IUMI, specifically with the work of the Political Forum at IMO, the European Union, and as a bilateral at government’s’ and NGO’s meetings.
  •     Develop an education programme for the global marine insurance industry which will promote the attractiveness of the industry and encourage young talent to enter the business.
  •     Modernise and strengthen external communications and corporate identity.

The next few years will be highly interesting and Dieter Berg looks forward to continuing to build IUMI’s profile:

“Since taking on this exciting role of President, we have been extremely busy and focused on improving our close communications and networking with our member associations. Looking to the future we aim to voice our opinion and give clear messages to the market. We will continue to raise awareness of the excellent work being done by the Political Forum, the Technical Committees and the association as a whole.”

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