Home Marine InsuranceCorruption BIO-SEA wins a new contract with the French Piriou shipyards

BIO ship 05102015BIO-SEA by BIO-UV has just delivered the Piriou shipyards from Concarneau — France, with the first BIO-SEA100 skid version system for the National French Marine vessel B2M.

The French manufacturer will deliver 3 B2M models, a well known vessel for his endurance et reliability.

These vessels will allow police forces to assist the population, fight fires, carry goods…

BIO ship machine partCrucial multi-missions buildings for the surveillance and the protection of our territory and approaches in the overseas territories Communities.


BIO-UV has been cooperating closely with a great number of partners, including the Piriou shipyards, in order to provide modular, reliable, innovative and energy saving systems, efficient in all water qualities.

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