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The WISTA Nordic collaboration launches “WISTA Nordic Mentorship Program”

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image001 (87)This announcement is to inform you that the WISTA Nordic collaboration has today (5. October 2015) launched a cross-border WISTA Nordic mentorship program, which makes it possible for all WISTA members in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to seek and give mentorship nationally or across the Nordic borders.

The additional professional and personal strength, which are this way provided to individual members of the Nordic WISTA organisations, will of course add visible value to the individual mentee and mentor, but obviously it will also over time provide additional strength to the maritime industries within the Nordic countries – and to the truly global maritime industry, which all WISTA members serves.

The starting point and the frame is now reality, and hopefully the development of this initiative will take off with speed and power – also supported by the industry.

The WISTA Nordic contacts
Tone Kristiansen (Norway), Nora Gamberg-Hisinger (Finland), Karolina Kjellgren (Sweden), Helle Gleie (Denmark)

the boards of
WISTA Norway
WISTA Finland
WISTA Sweden
WISTA Denmark


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