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Calnetix Technologies Engineers to Present at ASME ORC 2015 in Brussels, Belgium Next Week

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Calnetix logoCERRITOS, Calif. – Oct. 9, 2015 – Engineers from Calnetix Technologies will present at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) 2015 Conference in Brussels, Belgium,  Oct. 12-14.

Controls and Systems Engineer Chris Sellers will give a paper, co-authored by Director of Systems Engineering Parsa Mirmobin, entitled “Advanced Controls of Organic Rankine Cycle for Highly Transient Fluctuations during Initial Startup” in Session 9: Heat Exchangers, on Tuesday at 9:40 a.m. Development Engineer Errol Yuksek will deliver a paper on “Waste Heat Utilization of Main Propulsion Engine Jacket Water in Marine Application, ” also co-authored by Mirmobin, in Session 13: Waste Heat Recovery from Engines II,  on Tuesday at 3:20 p.m.

In addition, Sellers will give a poster presentation on “Advanced Thermodynamic Model of Organic Rankine Cycle” on Tuesday at1:30 p.m.

Calnetix is an industry leader in the development of heat recovery and power conversion systems for land-based and ship-based applications, using a closed-loop ORC cycle and patented turbo-generator power conversion system to extract usable electrical or mechanical power from thermal energy. Over the past five years, over 35 MW of capacity from ORC systems has been deployed around the world by Calnetix, its subsidiary Access Energy and its distributors and licensees.

The third annual ASME International Seminar on ORC Power Systems, hosted by the Ghent University and University of Liège, focuses on the latest advances in ORC research and development, application and demonstration, and a variety of issues related to ORC energy systems. The seminar features presentations by scientific groups, leading ORC companies and expert users at the forefront of ORC research and development. More information is available at www.asme-orc2015.be/.

About Calnetix Technologies

Calnetix Technologies, LLC (“Calnetix”), headquartered in Cerritos, Calif., is focused on Innovation That Drives Industries. The company specializes in high-performance, high-speed motor generators and best-in-class advanced magnetic bearings and control systems. Calnetix’s patented, underlying technologies, which have been in use since the company’s inception in 1998, have made Calnetix a world leader in the design and production of high-speed machines. The company’s overall technology portfolio and system integration capabilities have led to development and production contracts with industry leaders and the start of many successful subsidiaries that focus on unique niche markets. For more information, please visit www.calnetix.com.

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