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Prof. Konstantionos E. Fotiadis at the podium delivering his speech

Prof. Konstantionos E. Fotiadis at the podium delivering his speech


What an event that was earlier on tonight at London Hellenic Centre’s Main Hall!

An excellent speech*, brief and to the point by Professor Konstantinos E. Fotiadis, a unique recital performance by Konstantinos and Matthaios Tsahourides and Pontian dances performed by the Lykion ton Hellinidon**, bringing on stage over one hundred from the vibrant for the occasion audience, will be for ever remembered.

A well organised event by the Macedonian Society of Great Britain attracted over 200 faithful, Hellenes from the Diaspora, Hellenes from the Mainland and Cyprus as well as many of their international friends. An event which must be repeated, as even if the Great Hall could accommodate 1, 000, this number was going to be overwhelmingly surpassed!

a view of the front rows

a view of the front rows

Who wasn’t there… The Diplomatic and Consular Corps of Greece and Cyprus; the Military, the Shipping fraternity from the Square Mile, the Academia ones, the Hellenic Medical Society and its dozens of members, members of the Ionian Society, many students, fellow musicians eager to listen to the Tsahourides’,  artists, the media, the clergy, everybody was there; bravo!

Konstantinos and Matthaios Tsahoudides performing

Konstantinos and Matthaios Tsahourides performing

Amonsgt the audience where Greeks from the Midlands too who come over and the South West! Good to see also many friends ofrom the past who after a brief stay  in Greece they have returned back… Unique!

Bravo to the Chairman Mrs. Svetzouri and her team for staging this event; it was about time! A big Bravo too to Mrs. P. Skinitis, the teachers and dancers for performing the difficult Pontian dances; a big thanks to the Lykion ton Hell inidon in Athens who offered the costumes for the dancers.

The centre right back rows...the room bursting at the seams

The centre right back rows…the room bursting at the seams

Given what Hellenism goes through world-wide (politically and economically), given Turkey’s continues behaviour and in particular over the Migrants issue, the Kurdish problem, the Syrian inferno and other issues, but also Germany’s behaviour then and now, as well as that of the great powers (then and now), the event was a tip for Turkey and its Turkofile supporters to end these injustices. Remember: Nemesis strikes, and strikes against all those who have misbehaved – it doesn’t matter when, but I can assure you it does. And when Nemesis strikes collectively, the shit hits the fan!

The Lykion performing

The Lykion performing

It will be great for all to obtain the unique account… “The Genocide of the Pontian Greeks”, a masterpiece which includes evidence; evidence worth to know and see how many skeletons are in the Turkish cupboards, but in European “households” too… In 700 pages with illustrations too, but above all with evidence meticulously collected the Pontian Genocide is there. Poor Armenians, poor Kurds, poor Assyrians, poor humans of the entire region in East Med and its periphery who have and still suffer from the Turkish yoke…

Mrs. Natasha. Svenztouri with Prof. Fotiades and other members of the Macedonian Society of Great Britain

Panagiota Koteli,  Dr. Christina,  Mrs. Natasha Svenztouri with Prof. Fotiades and Dr. Chryssa Labrinakou

An excellent dips and drinks reception followed with dsicussions amongst the audience with the speaker, the musicians and the dancers; a great day indeed for the Hellenic Centre and its thousands of supporters!

Pontian Genocide





** Viewers can watch a live video herebelow

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