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Private companies and PCASP to protect French flagged vessels

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GROUPE PRORISK 28102015The enactment of Law No. 2014-742 of 1st July 2014 and the signing of decrees related during late 2014 and early 2015 resulted in June 2015 to approve the first private companies wishing to conduct activities of protection of French flagged vessels (APPN).

Active since 2011 in the training of PCASP and involved from the earliest discussions (2013) on the French bill, the holding GROUPE PRORISK started its first missions for French flagged vessels. PCASPs of its subsidiary PRORISK INTERNATIONAL ensured in September the protection of a tanker in the Gulf of Aden and three teams are being deployed on tuna-seiners in the Indian Ocean.

In order to anticipate demands of ship-owners and answer them in the best conditions, GROUPE PRORISK increased its staff for the management and the daily monitoring of its missions, consolidated its network for smooth movement of its staff and positioned additional equipment in the “High Risk Area” to optimize its reactivity.

In order to ensure the quality of PCASPs and its sustainability, GROUPE PRORISK is based on two separate pillars: training provided by its subsidiary KARGUS SEA INTERCONNECTION compliant with French legislation in force and the selection of its teams for recruitment within PRORISK INTERNATIONAL.

Through these actions, the French group is in the best frame to continue to offer real job opportunities for French opretaors of the sector and serious retraining opportunities. For more information: contact@groupe-prorisk.com

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