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Fertisa Port Terminal Selects World Class Navis N4 Terminal Operating System

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The Port terminal of Fertisa

Navis N4 Will Help the Terminal Obtain Optimization and Customer Service Excellence While Managing Growth

Navis announced a new N4 terminal operating system (TOS) license agreement with Ecuador-based Fertisa Port Terminal. Moving from its in-house system to N4 will enable the port to manage future anticipated growth, improve customer excellence and the terminal’s competitive advantage in the region.

Fertisa Port Terminal is located within the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador and is part of the largest private business in the region. Fertisa operates a closed quay, allowing containerized cargo and 150K metric tons in fertilizer bulk imports to flow through the terminal. Fertisa Port Terminal has seen an increase in TEU volumes by 70 percent from 2014 to 2015 and is currently on track to handle 80, 000 TEU in 2015, while completing 35 moves per hour.

Another view of the Fertisa Terminal

Another view of the Fertisa Terminal

“Knowing our terminal has permanent support from Navis—the largest worldwide TOS provider—makes this advanced initiative a much smoother process, ” says Giancarlo Barco, Port Commercial Manager at Fertisa Port Terminal. “With significant growth expected over the next five years, our terminal will be able to optimize operations with N4, enabling us to improve our reception/dispatch times, and ultimately, better-serve our customers on a daily basis.”

Despite its size, the decision to implement the Navis N4 TOS was an innovative, forward-thinking step for the terminal. N4 will help ensure that Fertisa Port Terminal can provide customer service excellence, increase the volume of containers on site and eventually, help to integrate automated equipment to help reduce response time.

Fertisa Terminal

Fertisa Terminal – container operations

While we understand that N4 is not the usual choice for lower volume, mixed-use terminals, the challenges posed by the ocean shipping industry today are particularly difficult for the smaller operations to overcome, ” said Chuck Schneider, Regional General Manager for Navis. “Fertisa Port Terminal agreement to implement a proven system like N4 signifies the value that our TOS and our team of experts can deliver for this critical market segment, enabling terminals to easily customize the system to meet the demands of a mixed mode operation. We are confident that the terminal will achieve transformative changes that will enable it to not only address widespread industry challenges, but at the same time, optimize its operations in a way that benefits both the terminal’s bottom line, as well as the caliber of service excellence it provides to its customers.”

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