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Danelec Marine Introduces PC Software Tool for On-Demand Remote Retrieval of VDR Data

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image001 (27)(Birkeroed, Denmark – Nov. 2, 2015) – (Marine NewsWire) Danelec Marine today announced the introduction of VDR OnDemand, a PC software tool that facilitates remote selective data downloads from shipboard Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs).

VDR OnDemand is a portal and dashboard that allows shore offices to log on and request data from the VDR by remotely connecting via an IP link to the Danelec VDRConnect module on the ship.

For the mandatory VDR annual performance tests (APTs), Danelec Marine service technicians, service companies or ship managers can use the remote access portal to collect data samples and perform diagnostics of the connected shipboard systems while the vessel is at sea, speeding up the actual APT when the ship arrives in port. In this way, the service technicians are prepared with the appropriate tools and spare parts to meet the ship on arrival. Should a service issue arise, the VDR OnDemand portal can be used to troubleshoot the problem before the service call, or even for remote configuration of the VDR.

In the event of an onboard accident or emergency, the ship manager can request transfer of recorded VDR data for a given time period for instant replay ashore, saving valuable time in responding to an incident.

“This is the first of a series of capabilities we will bring to the market, leveraging our unique VDRConnect technology, ” said Hans Ottosen, CEO of Danelec Marine. “In addition to the ‘pull-through’ functionality of VDR OnDemand, we are also developing a range of ‘push-through’ solutions for automatic downloads of recorded data from the VDR and connected sensors and systems at pre-selected intervals.”

“VDR OnDemand is a natural extension of our vision of offering an integrated product/service solution that is unprecedented in the shipping industry, ” Ottosen added. “We are looking to redefine the whole concept of service for shipboard systems to deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest customer satisfaction.”

About Danelec Marine | Headquartered in Denmark, Danelec Marine is a leading supplier of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) and Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). Danelec Marine was one of the first companies to bring to market VDRs and Simplified VDRs (S-VDRs) to meet the original IMO carriage requirements. More than 6, 000 vessels today are equipped with a VDR or S-VDR designed and manufactured by Danelec Marine. The company has service facilities with factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries and Certified Service Centers at strategic locations worldwide. To learn more about the Danelec difference, visit www.danelec-marine.com.

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