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Despicable murders by Islamist terrorists rock the City of Light

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Despicable murders by Islamist terrorists rock the City of Light

In need of a Historical Peace in the Middle East and its periphery; John Faraclas writes:

Time and again due to disturbances from pirates and terrorists that endanger our industry, that of the shipping industry in its entirety, we have warned all throughout the existence of ALLABOUTSHIPPING.CO.UK and personally long before, the need for coherent action against those who are putting into jeopardy safety and security! We have also warned and lately more or less every Friday in our weekly shipping and geopolitics reports the need to smash ISIS here and now, if we really mean it!

Ten months after the atrocious Charlie Hebdo killings, Islamist terrorists have rocked Paris last night in a well organised, premeditated, multi-murderous criminal and cowardly attack and it remains to be seen what those who have upset the entire Middle East region by their policy are going to do now. The planners and architects of the Arab “Spring” and “all that jazz” that has rocked more or less the entire northern Africa from Morocco to Egypt, the entire Middle East, its periphery and beyond as far as Afghanistan are responsible because the least they could have done, was to finish off all those who continue these despicable actions! We read lately in the media that the operations in Iraq and Libya had a different result from the one initially “anticipated”…

Now don’t go any further and read carefully this: We cannot accept hypocrisy to govern the news and further issues as the one which, as you read these lines, continues to unfold, that with migrants crossing over from Turkey to Greece’s islands and from northern Africa – Libya in particular to Malta and Italy and then on to Europe is more than a serious and critical one, not to mention deadly dangerous! Turkey in particular continues to punish Europe for not finalising its EU entry; Turkey is known for its blackmail tactics long ago. And let’s be once again more accurate, as we have foreseen the entrance of Islamist terrorists seeking revenge. One of the terrorists in last night’s inhumane attack in Paris, whose passport was found near his dead body, same has been stamped on the island of Leros in the Greek Dodecanese on the 3rd of October 2015 whilst entering from Turkey to Greece! We have warned of Islamist terrorists slipping in with migrants and refugees into EU countries and then on the long way to European Western capitals to continue their ill, sick murders. All these to a greater extent, thanks to Turkish blackmail and European apathy and “ignorance.”

The 80, 000 fans in the Stade de France sports stadium attending the France vs Germany soccer game, among them President Hollande, were extremely lucky to avoid the massacre of an incalculable dimension … Those taken hostage and more importantly those assassinated and wounded in a bar and a restaurant and a theatre, as well as in the streets of Paris, will certainly lead to justifiable reprisals against the perpetrators of these sick actions. On a Friday night, taking advantage of people being at ease enjoying their weekend after a long and hard working week, destroying their lives and that of their families and loved ones, will surely bring one way or another a revenge. But it is not the revenge that at the end of the day will count; it’s the need of a Historical Peace in the Middle East! Remember this, if this is achieved slowly and steadily the tension will evaporate, otherwise we are at war with Islam with incalculable repercussions. What are we all doing mumbling about the Syrian affair, yet another proxy war of the Superpowers and their allies in the region takes place or the Ukrainian saga and the energy jargon and then only blame the terrorists? Can we offer a just solution? Can we? As we have said in our last reporting: can diplomats deliver? Can the Armed Forces deliver or they are “censored” by the politicians and their cronies …err business hooligans?

We invite you all to read all our reports on these issues and then you can see that 99% of the press and media keeps a blind eye and the “democratic” politicians in Europe as well as on the other side of the Atlantic are governed by other “vested” interests so to speak… In one case, when we reported on the 9th of August 2015 on the need for imposing a naval blockade on Turkey to avoid this despicable influx of migrants, only one viewer come back with a comment, on the 31st of August. Please log on and read same! Few people have the guts to come forward and have their say in writing!

There is a perfect opportunity in the coming G20 summit in Antalya in south Turkey over the next two days for all leaders to ensure that Turkey and its leaders get the message and “control” the actions of its own citizens who operate as traffickers and create chaos and havoc not only to the Greek Islanders and mainland Greeks, but to all Europeans. Are the Turks able to control their own borders?

We do care about these events as our ships call in all the ports of Planet Ocean and criss-cross its sea-lanes and straits carrying eight billion tons of cargo every year and we care about the health, well-being and security of our seafarers, our technical and other personnel, not to mention the extensive travelling and the dangers looming in airports, bus stations, rail stations to name but a few places exposed. Imagine reprisals… there will be reprisals and I can assure you “collateral” damages too.

Let’s see an end to all this, otherwise we can hear the drums of war; an asymmetrical war will happen in our view and be on guard. Add the world’s worst economic situation and in tandem these issues can make it a hell for all. So give an end to hypocrisy!

The above stands first as a condemnation of what happened last night in Paris, what happens from Morocco to Afghanistan and of course in other places today and also as a message to any terrorist of any side that the real democratic and just people world-wide we will fight them to the end!

We sincerely hope that the French Authorities will act swiftly and bring to justice all the perpetrators AND ALL their accomplices wherever they are – and not take so much time like was the case with the Lockerbie disaster’s Libyan murderers. All nations should immediately contribute. The religious leaders must also meet, as their intervention will be pivotal in avoiding further detrimental situations.

After September 11 in 2001, the double London bombings in July 2005, the Madrid ordeal on 11 March 2004, the Russian passenger plane exploding over Sinai, lately the Beirut bombings last week and dozens of others, I guess we have had more than enough and one way or another we must bring this situation to an end! We all know who is doing this; we all know the reasons and as we say in marine insurance the “causa proxima”… Enough!

Our thoughts are with the innocent victims, their families and all who suffer as a result of these atrocities. Our condolences to all in France and other countries who lost their loved ones!
P.S; . We look forward to your comments and views.

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