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ACO Marine loses weight with new composite fat separator

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ACO MarineACO Marine, the marine industry’s leading wastewater management specialist, has introduced a new composite grease separator as part of its established Lipator and Lipatomat product range.

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (PE) composite, ACO Marine’s new PE-Lipator (manual) and PE-Lipatomat (automatic) separators have been designed to meet market demand for more cost-effective, lighter units capable of delivering the same performance benefits as the stainless steel models.

ACO Marine Managing Director Mark Beavis said: “The advancement made in composite materials has allowed us to develop systems that provide shipowners with cheaper, lighter, more robust grease separation solutions that have the same high performance attributes as our Lipator and Lipatomat products.

“The new PE grease separators are just as resistant to heat and organic solvents as the conventional stainless steel units, while a rigid composite construction combined with ACO’s patented separation technology results in a consistent performance unaffected by vessel motion or vibration.”

As with the stainless steel Lipator and Lipatomat units, inlets and outlets on the composite models are also placed slightly above the separation chamber. Liquid fat, oil and grease accumulate in this heated upper chamber with the sediments flowing down into a lower cavity. The accumulated grease and sediments are then drained to independent collecting barrels fitted with level sensors to indicate when they need to be emptied. Unlike conventional technologies, there is no surplus water.

ACO Marine has now completed development testing and is offering the PE-Lipator and PE-Lipatomatseparators for large cruiseship installations,  supplying either to the wastewater treatment provider or working directly with the shipyard. For smaller specialist vessels the PE grease separator system can be supplied in conjunction with the ACO Maripur NF range of membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plants.

“To optimise the performance and life expectancy of any membrane wastewater treatment plant, all galley water should first pass through a grease separator, ” said Beavis. “Together with our Clarimar MF and Maripur NF treatment systems,  the new PE grease separators provide a total wastewater management solution that is more cost-effective than traditional stainless steel solutions.”

 Billion German-headquartered ACO Group, has a sales network operating worldwide and is a leading supplier of advanced wastewater treatment systems to the global commercial, naval, offshore and leisure marine sectors. Established fifteen years ago, ACO Marine is a member of the international ACO Group with a sales and service network world-wide. Its unique environmental solutions are used primarily in wastewater technology, wastewater management and drainage systems. The wide range of products includes advanced membrane bioreactor systems, conventional extended aeration with ‘bio-sword’ filtration sewage treatment plants, push-fit pipe systems in both stainless and galvanised steel and fully automated high capacity grease separators. ACO Marine develops in-house solutions from its ISO 9001 accredited production facilities, all of which are located entirely within the EU.

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