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Boarding at Nyhavn

Boarding at Nyhavn

As our viewers have noticed, for nearly five years, AllAboutShipping greatly supports Tourism and in particular Maritime Tourism, to an extend no other electronic shipping media platform in the Maritime World does, hence the covering of many such events. 

From the International Cruise Industry and world cruises with mini and mega cruise vessels, to Island hopping in the Aegean or Ionian Seas in Greece, far away to Halong Bay in Vietnam or off Singapore at Batam Island’s canals and lagoons in Indonesia, from the  inland waterways of many countries with coverage also from their Museums, including those of Maritime History of the Nations that our teams visit and report, we try to bring you the best!

Nordre Toldbod; Dahlerup's Port Authority Building with the two Royal Pavilions

Nordre Toldbod; Dahlerup’s Port Authority Building with the two Royal Pavilions

We haven’t missed any World Travel Market nor any London International Boat Shows – both events taking place at London’s ExCel Centre in November and January respectively and offer the world a glimpse of what Tourism and Maritime Tourism is all about to all intents and purposes immensely contributing to the wealth and GDP of Nations, whether poor or rich!

We have already covered some unique excursions in the Canals of Amsterdam, off the old captains houses in Oevelgoenne at Hamburg’s River Elbe waterfront, Bruges in Belgium, Sozopol in Bulgaria’s Back Sea coast, Budapest and other cities in Hungary, and of course in the United Kingdom, London in particular – the River Thames ones with the paddle ship “The Waverly” and other floating means of river cruising and entertainment;  Little Venice to Camden Lock Market trips, and others in Cambridge and Chester to name but a few.

This time our team during a four–day trip to Copenhagen in Denmark, amongst other events, meetings and visits, enjoyed the unique sightseeing by boat of Copenhagen’s canals with the Canal Tours of Copenhagen –  part of the Strömma Group. It was our first encounter with a well organised inland waterways company since last visiting Denmark in 1978!

The Little Mermaid ( Den lille Havrue) - back view

The Little Mermaid ( Den lille Havrue) – back view

We started and finished off at Nyhavn in the heart of the Danish capital, choosing the Grand Tour of Copenhagen on board the “Store Claus”, one of the four vessels who run canal tours, an hourly mid-day trip down to the Little Mermaid (Den lille Havfrue) – which attracts millions of visitors – locals and overseas ones over the years; Hans C. Andersen’s knew best on fairy tales…  This tour is complemented amongst others with a live guide  speaking over four languages! What a Sunday tour that was given the exceptional nice weather –  before the storms hit the Jutland peninsula: The Nordatlans Brygge and The Opera House, then the Sixtus Battery, the Trekroner Fortress, off to the new Cruise terminal…

Before turning back on our starboard the unique view of the Trekroner Fortress; afterwards  approaching from the south west the Little Mermaid – full of onlookers; then we passed-by the Maersk Group buildings, the world’s most prestigious and powerful shipping group synonymous  to excellence, innovation  and tradition. Interestingly we witnessed the construction off the Royal Danish Playhouse on the former Cruise-vessels pier, the new recreation area for further development to attract more visitors and offer them additional entertainment with restaurants and amusements.

The Maersk buildings on hte waterfront

The Maersk buildings on hte waterfront

Port turning and we went through the Christianhavns Kanal,  so far the longest, leaving from the port-side the Experimantarium City and on our starboard the Nordatlantens Brygge; half way through we saw the Church of Our Saviour! What an architecture that was! This baroque church is famous for its helix spire with an external winding staircase that can be climbed to the top. Fantastic! Lovely buildings too from both sides of the canal’s embankments showing the grandeur of Danish architecture and wealth too, of one of the world’s most powerful maritime nations; over two to three centuries old buildings!

Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange

Copenhagen’s Old Stock Exchange

Crossing over the Havnebussen diagonically we entered the last canal, that of Frederickholms Kanal where on our port side, towards the mid-end stood the National Museum of Denmark. To our starboard, on the turning curb, there was the magnificent Christansborg Palace and then the buildings of the Old Stock Exchange; another architectural iconic monument!

Re-entering the Havnebussen to our starboard stood the Danish Architecture Centre and finally we reach the …starting point at Nyhavn.

Passing through the Christianhavns kanal

Passing through the Christianhavns kanal

All in all a great tour which evidently supports the Danish Maritime Cluster, as the tours are part of the Related Industries – Leisure and Sports!  We did continued on our last day at the famous Tivoli with the same ticket, as the offers are… interwoven packages – good value for money; we witnessed a unique Park, a theme park too exceptionally decorated for the Festive Season! Needless to say tht the entire City of Copenhagen was dressed… decorated with its Christmas Colours!

The Marble Bridge

The Marble Bridge






Herebelow you can see a short video by Anny Zade:


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