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Teesport, UK
Corpus Christi & Beaumont-Port Arthur TX, USA
Port Dues Tariffs increase for 2016
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, Teesport, UK
PD Ports initiated a series of voluntary consultative discussions with the ICS (North East Branch) and the Tees and Hartlepool Port Users Association (THPUA). Following these consultations PD Ports will be increasing all Port Dues Tariffs by 1.0%, broadly in line with current UK RPI, from 1 January 2016.This 1% increase to tariffs is a holding measure whilst the overall impact of the SSI closure as it impinges on the broader River is assessed.Since the closure of SSI UK and the loss of some 25% of port volumes PD Ports has, for its part, undertaken a number of measures to deal with the consequences of this very profound business reduction.A programme of cost reduction measures, which regrettably includes job losses, is presently being undertaken within the business running in parallel with an urgent assessment of what new business streams can be developed on the River.In tandem with these measures, and during the  period to 3 March 2016  PD Ports will undertake a review of its tariff structures and levels and with effect from 1 April 2016 will implement new tariffs which will be appropriate for the port traffics which will form the basis of ongoing activities.

For information about operations in the UK contact GAC UK at uk@gac.com

BIMCO publishes explanatory notes for anti-corruption clause
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, Worldwide
Following the recent publication of the BIMCO Anti-Corruption Clause for Charter Parties, a set of explanatory notes has been issued. The notes are a useful reference for users providing a detailed explanation of the thinking behind each of the six sub-clauses and how they are intended to work in practice.The Anti-Corruption Clause provides market users with a regime for responding to unlawful demands for gifts in cash or kind, such as cigarettes or alcohol. The Clause can be used in voyage and time charter parties. It sets out in a series of steps a process for the contracting parties to work together to resist such demands. If the measures fail, however, the owners’ rights to hire or uninterrupted laytime and demurrage are protected. Termination, by either party, is the ultimate sanction under the Clause. A high threshold has been set so that the termination provisions cannot be easily used as an exit from an inconvenient charter.The use of the Clause is optional – owners and charterers can agree when fixing whether they wish to include the anti-corruption clause.(For information about operations worldwide contact the respective GAC offices. For details go to http://gac.com/gac-worldwide)Source: BIMCO notice date 8 December 2015

Fog brings channel closures
Wednesday, December 9, 2015, Corpus Christi & Beaumont-Port Arthur TX, USA
Dense fog has prompted channel closures at the Texan ports of Corpus Christi and Beaumont-Port Arthur today (9 December).Pilots at Corpus Christi suspended inbound and ourboard boardings at 0001 hours, following by the suspension of boardings at Beaumont-Port Arthur by Sabine River at 0330 hours local time.For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at usa@gac.com

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