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ITOLEAD Newsletter – 4. January 2016

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Helle Gleie

Helle Gleie

ITOLEAD Newsletter – 4. January 2016 – incl. “Communicating the Social Media Way”

Viewers can read herebelow ITOLEAD’s first Newsletter for 2016 including the Seasons Greetings: 

We wish you an enjoyable and prosperous New Year, and we hope that you have entered safely into Year 2016 – and, that you (as we) look forward to participating actively every day of the year, with an open mind.  Perhaps you even agree with the words, which we have written to our new friend – The Year 2016.

Dear Year 2016,

A few days ago, you were the Future – Today you are here.
You have become the Present, which we are part of.

Also, you have become the Present, which we can (and will) influence;

– deliberately, but also without realizing it
– as individuals and as organisations
– nationally, regionally or globally
…….and across borders and cultures

Thank You for joining us – Year 2016
Thank You for letting us be a part of you – Year 2016
..and Thank You for giving us the opportunity to working with you – Year 2016

We are all yours!
Kind regards
ITOLEAD Consulting


To kick-start the year, we have chosen to share the document “Communicating the Social Media Way”, with you.

A document which might inspire you
– to have more fun
– to ask more questions
– to inspire more
– to generate stronger Results!

If you cannot open the link, then please let us know and we will send you the PDF-file.


For your information

KADMAR Group and ITOLEAD signs MOU

Please note that ITOLEAD has signed a MOU outlining a friendly collaboration with the KADMAR Group www.kadmar.com and http://www.kt-travel.com/

The KADMAR Group is a diversified group of companies focusing on Travel/Tour operation and on various maritime service areas – which is managed by people with whom we share values, whom we trust, and to whom we have been linked to for many years.

More about this later, but already now: please do not hesitate to contact us if you via ITOLEAD (or directly) can use this strong connection to add benefit to what is relevant to you.

We from our side are honoured to receive this trust and truly look forward to this formalized collaboration – here, in the MENA region and beyond.


Newsletters going forward

ITOLEAD is strengthening its position in various segments – which is great.

But also that means that going forward we will divide our newsletters into two areas (as a starting point), namely:
1. Newsletters of general interest
2. Newsletters that is solely focused on maritime matters

If you do not wish both, then please let us know and we will make sure you only get what you want and appreciate (Just send back this e-mail stating 1 or 2 in the subject line).

If you want us to share our views on specific matters, or come up with concrete answers to specific questions in our newsletters, then please do not hold back.
We will be more than happy to do so.
Alternatively you are more than welcome to raise your questions or start a debate on ITOLEAD’s LinkedIn page.


We look forward to working with you and to be inspired by you – so that we can inspire back into our network.

Kind regards


PS: The updated versions of the ITOLEAD RAM brochure and the MariconHouse brochure are almost ready, and will be released shortly. If you cannot wait, then give us a hint and we will share the 1.0 version with you.

Helle Gleie, MD, ITOLEAD

Phone: +45-22540330

Skype: helle.gleie



MariconHouse partner
www.mariconhouse.com (fully up running soon)

OBS: Please assist us to act in most respectful and sustainable way.

If you share this mail (which you can) please be respectful and considerate.
Forward only to people you trust will appreciate this information – and if possible avoid printing.

– Have you received this e-mai erroneously, then we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience
– Do you no longer wish to receive our e-mails?
Click here contact@itolead.com and simply just add a NO in the subject line and push Send – and you will not hear from us again.

– Do we need to include other recipients?
– Do you want us to forward our future e-mails to another person or department instead of to you?
– Do we by mistake send you more than one mail with the same content?
Click here contact@itolead.com and simply just let us know what we can do to serve you better.

Herebelow is the Brochure of The Maritime Consultancy House:

Brochure -The Maritime Consultancy House – 2016

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