Home Markets Market Blues with the BDI’s 2016 low start…

Market Blues with the BDI’s 2016 low start…

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The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange

Market Blues during the first market day for 2016 with the BDI standing at 473 points, down 5 since the 24th of December 2015! That’s just two points above the all time historic low of the 16th and 17th of December 2015 when the BDI stood at 471 points!

The BCI and the BPI were up two points respectively at 472 and 464 but couldn’t save the day!

The BSI down one at 449 points and the Handies’ BHSI down 3 at 267 approaching the lowest historical level (260)…

On the WETS the BDTI was down four points at 869 and the BCTI  up two at 580.


Despite the CAUTION note in our view this is the best market, a buyers market to buy second hand five year old ships and order newbuildings; needless to say a good chance to go for resales!

A very bleak start with the main stock markets and indices on the red; Wall Street has a story to tell! For whom the bells tool?

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