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BDI at 467 and stalking horses are there to play…

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The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange

With yet another historic low of the BDI at 467 earlier on today, things are turning sour for the many, but good for the few with good balance sheets, access to money – forget the funds as they are a bit ignorant and too slow on how to capitulate on time and gain opportunities, and good relations… The buy-outs of shipping has begun!

The BCI had, surprise surprise  five points up, closing at 467, but the BPI was down two at 464. BSI minus three at 442 and the BHSI….262 minus three…

The wets with volatile and mixed …feelings: Last published BDTI 1, 57, that’s minus eight, and last published BCTI 712 a plus 24!!

The geopolitical front suggests that trading and conversely shipping of goods of any kind, bulk, wet, containerized or whatever needs to be carried by ships, end of the story. The big question still stands who will be able and for how long to stand the coming competition – fair or unfair, and to afford to keep the ships rolling and pitching profitably.

Be ready to read of “strange news”; we live in interesting times!

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