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IMarEST announces exciting new member benefit

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billboardIMarESTTVThe Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology (IMarEST) has announced an exciting new benefit for its members in the form of IMarEST TV, an on-demand video platform. Members are able to access and watch exclusive content, including lectures, conferences, meetings and tutorials that have been uploaded by the Institute and its branches. This means that members can now live-stream or watch recordings of events going on all over the world, not just at their local Branch.

David Loosley, IMarEST Chief Executive, commented: “I am extremely pleased to be able to offer our members this exciting new service as part of their membership. Using cutting-edge technology, this platform allows us to share all the content being created by members across the globe. This vast capability for knowledge transfer is very much at the heart of the IMarEST’s mission to promote the scientific development of marine disciplines, to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices and uphold the status, standards and expertise of marine professionals worldwide.”

The platform has a split-screen format, allowing the speaker to be viewed at the same time as the slides they are discussing. The overall experience is therefore very similar to attending in person. It also has an easy-to-use search function, as do the videos themselves. This means viewers can search for a keyword within a video and skip to any point at which that word appears, either in the slides or the transcript.

Notes can be jotted down and saved whilst watching the video. These notes act as bookmarks for when the video is watched in the future and can be shared with other viewers. iOS and Android mobile apps are also available so content can be viewed on the move and can be downloaded for offline viewing whilst at sea!

“In a digitally linked world, IMarEST TV is a vital tool for bringing together an expansive membership spanning 128 countries. I hope that this new accessibility and interconnectedness will lead to more debate, more ideas and faster progress for the marine and maritime industry as a whole.”


The IMarEST is an international membership body and learned society for all marine professionals. It is the first Institute to bring together marine engineers, marine scientists and marine technologists into one international multi-disciplinary professional body. It is the largest marine organisation of its kind with a worldwide membership of over 17, 000 based in over 128 countries.

Working with the global marine community, the IMarEST promotes the scientific development of marine engineering, science and technology, providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices and upholding the status, standards and expertise of marine professionals worldwide.

Education is supported through Marine Learning Alliance Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the IMarEST Group that delivers marine education and training courses primarily through distance e-learning.  These include degree courses in Hydrography and Sustainable Maritime Operations and various short technical courses.

The IMarEST works with a growing number of corporate partners offering different levels of support to maritime organisations.  IMarEST ‘Marine Membership’ is open to all companies and organisations, providing access to membership benefits, knowledge-sharing, online promotion and exclusive discounts. The ‘Marine Partner’ initiative is for organisations that work strategically with the IMarEST to create and deliver a bespoke annual programme of activity and premium promotion.

The IMarEST is a respected authority in every maritime country. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), observer status at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), the London Convention/London Protocol (LC/LP) and the Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP).

It also has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), which facilitates its access to other international intergovernmental meetings where its specialized marine expertise is of particular use, e.g., the United Nations meetings on Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the work of the International Seabed Authority on marine mining. It is a nominated and licensed body of the Engineering Council (UK), a member of the Science Council and has significant links with many other maritime organisations worldwide.

The IMarEST runs a series of industry leading and technically excellent events and conferences as well as publishing the internationally recognised publication, The Marine Professional.


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