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The BDI levelled down @ 291 today…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The Greek’s have a phrase for the 9th of each month…*

…another all-time historic low; the BDI down two points at 291! Capes and the respective BCI 2014 remained the same at 207! The BPI down one at 291; seems that Panamaxes are also under the cloud of uncertainty! The BSI down five at 250; the BHSI minus two at 188!!!! Can you believe these figures…?

The Wets too under pressure and the last published BDTI and BCTI were down four and 16 points respectively at 791 and 572 points.

The price of oil WTI close to US$ 28.50. “hard” times ahead with the oil price game! Imagine an asymmetrical rise or fall – we must have both scenarios in mind!

Geopolitics: The Migrants issue will cause problems far beyond any imagination, thanks to the moron politicians. Working on somebody else’s “project” to  bring Europe down to its knees, Believe you me it entails more problems and catastrophes, just wait and see! Our projected prognosis has never ever failed, not just for the freight markets, but for politics and geopolitics too thanks to the impartial teams around Planet Ocean. As you might recall from our latest reporting when we elevated the Migrants issue as the number one issue, we continue to maintain the same view

War-torn Syria: more mess to come a wider conflagration! We have warned you long ago!

Russian stance: Putin will exercise and put “forward” all options in safeguarding his nation’s vested interests. Just wait and see!

Tourism / Maritime Tourism:  According to reliable sources Spain and Greece might benefit from the drop in booking this year in Turkey. It will be bad for all though!

All the above and other international issues, stock markets in particular, greatly affect the shipping industry. Still we reiterate the view that this is the most optimum market to acquire tonnage.

It is about time theUSA takes a good look in what is at stake for the Western Civilization, given what takes place today!

Hope you have enjoyed your pancake today – it’s the international pancake date; another plus for the Year of the Monkey. Let’s see when the Far East festivities are over, whom is going to pay the damage… I mean the bill…

It was been another day of disasters and the German rail-crash has been far worse than initially appeared.

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