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Panamaxes stops collapsing BDI now one point plus @ 291

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Panamaxes’ BPI  saves  the day for the BDI; John Faraclas reports from Verona:

So, after three weeks of the dry market’s skyfall,  a bit of good news from the exiting and full of “suspense” dry markets: The BPI gaining 12 points “turns” the tide…

At 291 the Baltic Dry Index “makes waves”; one point up thanks to the BPI gaining these 12 points and now standing at 324! OK, but as we have numerous times mentioned in the past with the “behaviour” of the capers and its respective BCI index, this in no way constitutes a healthy market; one size cannot dictate a healthy market…

  • The BCI 2014 was down seven points at 199, below the 200 points barrier!
  • The BSI and BHSI were  down one point each clocking 241 and 183 respectively! CAUTION!
  • The last publishes BDTI and BCTI were standing at 813 and 541 points respectively – in other words up 20 and down ten. CAUTION here too!

The WTI gained a few dollars and now stands close to US$ 29; not bad, but these are positive(?) fluctuations…


Geopolitics are getting worse and be on guard; don’t be fooled from what the news tell you. Remember: News is what they are not telling us!

  • Greece enters a messy period.
  • Syrian peace looks so far away!
  • European Economics and Finances are also messy… Enough!

Enjoy the long love affairs’ weekend and may St. Valentine’s Day inspire you a bit. In Love and in War* everything is permissible!

*War also equals business…

P.S: Do please study our last two days reports 10 February and 11 February 2016!

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