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Rotterdam is logistic top location

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The Netherlands is very attractive when it comes to logistics. In a survey published by real estate specialist Prologis, four Dutch cities are ranked in the top 5. Most remarkably is the improvement of Rotterdam. With a second place, Rotterdam has overtaken the Antwerp-Brussels nexus. The first place is once again held by Venlo. These locations were primarily selected by the respondents for their good infrastructure and proximity to clients and suppliers.

The fourth and fifth places in the list of Prologis are respectively, Central Noord-Brabant and Eastern Noord-Brabant. These provinces are well connected with the Port of Rotterdam by road, rail and waterway. Several inland terminals are situated in Central Noord-Brabant and Eastern Noord-Brabant, as well in Venlo. The network of these terminals are of great importance for the Port of Rotterdam, due to the fact that it enables the companies in Rotterdam to transport cargo to the inland terminals in a reliable and sustainable way, and from there, further into the hinterland.

Also the companies located in Venlo, Central Noord-Brabant and Eastern Noord-Brabant feel the connection with Rotterdam. Several companies are members of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC) and connected in the Rotterdam Port Connector. This innovative website makes it easy to find and have access to over 500 service providers from the Ports of Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Dordrecht, as well to the inland terminals and related companies.


About Rotterdam Port Connector

The website Rotterdam Port Connector is the online way to bring potential international clients into contact with Rotterdam’s port business community. Rotterdam Port Connector is an initiative of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC), founded in 1933 as the Stichting Havenbelangen Rotterdam-Europoort. The RPPC acts as an intermediary for its 200 members: companies which are active in and for the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Moerdijk. By bringing these companies into contact with each other and with potential clients, by organising networking events, participation in exhibitions and receptions for foreign delegations in Rotterdam and via the innovative website Rotterdam Port Connector, it helps retain and expand the cargo flows to and from the ports. Together, the RPPC members represent all possible modes of transport, cargo sectors and services.

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