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Will the upturn continue in the Markets?

by admin
John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Going above the 300 point mark, the BDI at 301 earlier on today is a fact! John Faraclas comments:

  • The Capers gained 19 points bringing their respective index, the BCI 2014 at 223 points!
  • The Panamaxes on a plus mode too – up 12 since yesterday, and the respective BPI stood at 346 points.
  • The Supras up five at 252 and the Handies up one at 184!

So where do we go from here?

As said in previous reporting the first level of a healthy markets is the one above the the 2, 000 points threshold; unless we see this, forget the markets!

On the Wet side now; the last published BDTI and BCTI closed slightly down three and seven points since yesterday at 816 and 528 respectively. Caution!

The price of WTI is close to US$ 30…

At the geopolitical front, thing are going from worse to worse:

  • The Global economy is messy. The European Banking system and state of many banks are far worse than the media report. And it is not just Greece, that everybody wrongly mentions; what about Italian Banks? What about French and German banks… Europe is in total disarray… Brexit and Grexit and all that jazz… Pity!
  • The Syrian saga might produce more tremors; the proxy war there will also turn sour for all. The Syrian tragedy continues and Turkey plays with fire. Things can go off hand soon… Caution. And we also insist CAUTION in the Aegean Sea, given another failed planning to curb the Migrants coming from Turkey.
  • Has anybody considered the effects of problems in the dire straits? Hormuz, Aden, Suez even Gibraltar and Malacca are in danger…
  • China in turmoil soon…
  • Honh Kong: what’s up over there?
  • Laying up tonnage will create a far worse market. Banks will go under very soon given the bad loans in shipping. Only hope the stock markets, particularly NASDAQ, NYSE, AIM, Oslo etc etc.
  • Hong Kong might become a hot spot in the Far East and Abenomics; days are counted, unless Abe makes the trick. That man in North Korea will also create more mess; more world-wide mess. Caution here too!
  • The USA is preoccupied with the elections and doesn’t commit itself to peace with Russia’s Putin calling dangerously the shots.
  • How many shipping companies will go through? Very soon time will tell. What are the shipping gurus think of the market and its projections?
  • In my humble view, News is what they don’t tell us, …err what they don’t tell you; we as ALLABOUTHIPPING knows well of the outcome and the detrimental conditions coming up soon following the unsolved and unresolved geopolitical issues.

I am sure those with cash will go ahead and buy ships. As for the others: the end is nich!

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