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Deep down @ 325 the BDI continues to be attractive… but geopolitics are scary!

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Once again the low levels and uncertainty prevails with the BDI“gaining” three points thanks to the Supras’ 11 points plus …AND the Handies’  three points! John Faraclas happily writes:

The Capers lost four points, now standing at 182 and the Panamaxes remained flat with the BPI at 346!

Although the future for the hoi polloi looks bleak, for some looks promising! And it is promising given that when many ships go idle those able to move profitably they will make more than you  can imagine. On top of this, those with cash-backing can work wonders!

Pleased to hear the whispers that many shipyards will give in the demands of buyers and produce better and low-cost newbuildings. Resales will be an issue, but for sure it is better to lose your finger than your arm! What a great time for cash buyers on the best ever projected buyers market!

The Wets now and the last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 767 (minus 12) and 518 (minus four) points respectively; another major issue given the way geopolitics affect the oil trade!

On the Geopolitics front the Migrants issue enters a new, but well expected more than messy period, and what took place today with:

A) the Austrian behaviour versus Greece is at best pathetic. The Austrian Foreign Ministry and its master must sort out Turkey; can the Austrians do so and stop the influx coming from Turkey? Eh! Can they (Austrians) send ships or whatever and blockade the Turkish Coast so not a single Migrant enters the EU? If Turkey “cannot” do this, surely the Austrians and all those “makers and shakers” in Europe and NATO can do it? But can NATO do it? Where does the Humanitarian Europeans stand? Eh! Basta!

B)In Calais, in France the shameful Calais and its ‘Jungle’ under …eviction gets go-ahead.. Everywhere in Europe the shameful Migrants developments are the name of a conspicuous secret to stir the world and destroy social cohesion and open up the excuse of even military confrontation, as…

C)Serbia’s army is on a state of alert… as well as many other nations armed forces

Just to remind you all that when we elevated the Migrants issue many thought that we have been exaggerating! Now let’s see who will pay the damage! This is a humanitarian catastrophe for all sides! The Mighty Continent is in tatters!

In the meantime the first UN drop in Syria was a disaster… The situation will become worse as the combatants and the super powers’ proxy war there really begins now… Just wait and see…

Energy isues are very tricky too; and the price gap and the production quotas are more than important! As you read these lines the WTI stands close to US$ 32. A bit up, but… uncertainty rules the price aspect. Imagine a drop at US$ 15 or an upwards trend towards the US$ 80… Who can tell us what will happen in both cases?  Russia call the shots here. Saudi Arabia will give in to the Iranian presence or else! The USA watches the situ from a different corner. But for argument’s shake, imagine what will happen if the alternative sources of energy make their presence realy felt. I’d love to see big money changing hands!

If Donald Trump is elected President of the US, you won’t like his tax stance! Mrs. Clinton must find the modest way to put the house there in order; but can she do it? And if she’s straight opposite Mr. Trump, can she reduce him to pieces? Only then we can see America at its best and kind. Women know best in this instance!

Have a nice evening!

P.S. Scrap, Scarp, Scarp before is too late! I know many will lose, particularly the banks  and Stock Markets their sleep, and the “investors”, but, du gabla du fria!

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