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Suez Canal, Egypt
California, USA
Bosphorus, Turkey
Vessel grounded in Canal
Friday, February 26, 2016, Suez Canal, Egypt
As per available information from the Suez Canal Authority, a capsize bulk carrier ship grounded on the Canal at 69 KM at about 1030 hours local time yesterday (25 February) and is still grounded on same position.The Suez Canal did not close, but there are some delays on the convoys’ movements and the starting time of the convoys has been amended accordingly as follows:
– Northbound convoy started today at 0945 HRS LT (1st vessel).
– Southbound convoy started today at 0200 HRS LT and waiting in Great Bitter lakes.Further traffic delays are expected until the vessel is refloated by Suez Canal Authority tugs.

For information about operations in the Suez Canal contact GAC Egypt at suezcanal@gac.com

Diving operations at ALGAS anchorage
Friday, February 26, 2016, Singapore
From 29 February to 06 March, diving operations will be carried out at the ALGAS anchorage, within the working area bounded by the following coordinates:
1) 01 deg. 14.212’N / 103 deg. 39.074’E
2) 01 deg. 14.259’N / 103 deg. 39.171’E
3) 01 deg. 14.114’N / 103 deg. 39.121’E
4) 01 deg. 14.161’N / 103 deg. 39.218’EAccording to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Notice No.15 of 2016 dated 25 February 2016, the works will be conducted from 0700 hours to 1900 hours daily.Divers will be deployed from the dive support boat to conduct the diving operation. A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity of the working area to warn other craft of the work.

Craft involved in the works will exhibit the appropriate local and international day signal.

When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to:
a) Keep well clear and not to enter the working area;
b) Maintain a proper lookout;
c) Proceed at a safe speed and navigate with caution;
d) Maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 22 (Jurong Control);
e) Communicate with Jurong Control on VHF Channel 22 for assistance, if required.
For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com

Ballast Water Management Reporting Requirements
Friday, February 26, 2016, California, USA
California’s ballast water management reporting requirements are as follows:Forms are required to be filed with the California State Lands Commission 24 hrs prior to arrival.Until further notice, the California State Lands Commission will accept either:
1. The new form (Ballast Water Management Report, BWMR) or
2. The old form (Ballast Water Reporting Form, BWRF)

Go to http://www.slc.ca.gov/Programs/MISP_Compliance.html for copies of the new form (Ballast Water Management Report) and their instructions.

A new form (BWMR) or old form (BWRF) must be submitted to the California State Lands Commission separate from the National Ballast Information Clearinghouse (NBIC)

Send to:
Email (bwform@slc.ca.gov) or
Fax (562-499-6444)

If submitting the new form to the California State Lands Commission:

DO NOT USE the BWMR Web App – Vessels that use the new form and the BWMR Web App to file with NBIC, will still need to file a separate form by email or fax with the California State Lands Commission.

EMAILING the FORM to CALIFORNIA – For the new form to be received in California via email, you must save the new form separately and attach in an email to (bwform@slc.ca.gov). The PDF version of the new form (BWMR) from NBIC has buttons for “email” and “online submittal”. These buttons will not work to submit your form to the California State Lands Commission.

If your vessel is using the new form (BWMR) and not discharging ballast water, fill out the following sections of the new form:
1. Vessel Information
2. Voyage Information
3. Certificate of Accurate Information

(For information about operations in the USA contact GAC USA at usa@gac.com)

Source: California State Lands Commission notice dated 24 February 2016

Traffic closure for bridge works
Friday, February 26, 2016, Bosphorus, Turkey
Traffic at Bosphorus will be suspended from 00:01 to 16:00 hours local time on Sunday 28 February, due to works on the 3. bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge).For information about operations in the Turkish Straits contact GAC Istanbul at turkey@gac.com

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