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Porcelænshaven, 22, Frederiksberg, DK, CBS, Henning Larsen TegnestueCBS Executive announces four further ‘short development courses’ in 2016 for busy maritime managers

The privately-owned foundation CBS Executive has launched a new series of ‘short development courses’ – intensive courses ideal for time-pressed managers in the maritime, logistics and associated industries. 

Following the opening course in the latest series in January, for the remainder of  2016, CBS Executive (a non-degree arm of Copenhagen Business School) is offering four more each of which will span two days. The goal is to address the need to develop intelligent shipping strategy in the fast-moving markets, and provide expert insight into such essential matters as financing and law.

The courses have been designed by Irene Rosberg, programme director for the Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics (the Blue MBA) at Copenhagen Business School. Ms Rosberg, who is also responsible for delivery of the schedule, said that the initiative sprang from research carried out which established that industry leaders whose time is at a premium had a clear need for short and effective courses.

The new courses – all taking place at the CBS Executive premises at Porcelaenshaven 22, Copenhagen – are:

March 17 and 18, 2016The Law of Chartering and Bills of Lading: a Practical Insight. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the key aspects of maritime commercial law and the way it affects the everyday life of the shipping industry. Lecturer is Filippo Lorenzon, a Professor of Maritime and Commercial Law at Southampton Law School and former director of its world-leading research centre, the Institute of Maritime Law. For registration, apply via webpage: http://cbs-executive.dk/program/law-chartering-and-billslading-practical-insight.

May 23 and 24, 2016. Energy Economics and Markets. The aim is to give a well-rounded view of the economics, trading, pricing and risk management of energy commodities. Two specialists from Cass Business School, City University London, will lead the course. Amir Alizadeh is a Professor in Shipping Economics and Finance, lecturing in quantitative methods, oil and energy transport, econometrics, shipping risk management and energy and weather derivatives. Michael Tamvakis is a Professor of Commodity Finance. He trained as an economist at Athens University of Economics & Business and joined the International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance at Cass Business School. He is a visiting Professor at the University of Geneva. For registration, please apply via the webpage: http://cbs-executive.dk/program/energy-economics-markets

June 6 and 7 2016. HR Challenges in the Shipping Industry: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent. Christian Bryde-Nielsen, executive negotiation and communication advisor, is CEO and founder of Negotiation Company. Over the past 12 years he has conducted extensive training, advisory and development activities for more than 3, 000 people in 15 countries. Benjamin F Lund, executive negotiation and communication advisor, is CEO and founder of Core Competence Negotiation. During the past 9 years he has worked with negotiation and conflict resolution, in sales, project management and purchasing. For registration, please apply via webpage: http://cbs-executive.dk/program/hrchallenges-shipping-industry

September 15 and 16 2016. Tackling the Challenges in the Next Decade of Shipping. This course will range over different types of shipping and examine ship financing and other financial aspects of running a shipping company, with a particular focus on cash flow. The course is led by market intelligence expert Lars Jensen, CEO and a partner at SeaIntel Consulting, which provides assistance in process improvement and strategic decision making and analysis in container shipping. He is also CEO and founder of Cyberkeel, which focuses on cyber security in the maritime industry. For registration, please apply via webpage: http://cbs-executive.dk/program/tacklingchallenges-next-decade-shipping

Irene Rosberg

Irene Rosberg

Ms Rosberg said: “The success of our Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics has firmly demonstrated our ability to enhance high-level education, knowledge-sharing and strategic thinking among mid-career and senior management.  This supplementary offering will allow busy individuals to gain new insights rapidly into specific areas.”

CBS Executive, which was founded by Copenhagen Business School in 1991, designs and runs a wide range of international learning programmes. CBS Executive seeks to create an environment where participants are challenged to generate concrete results for themselves and their organizations.

For further information, please contact Programme Director Irene Rosberg,  ir.mba@cbs.dk

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