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Energy International Risk Assessment (EIRA) Newsletter March 2016

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George Hatziioannou, EIRA' editor

George Hatziioannou, EIRA’ editor

EIRA’ s March 2016 Newsleter is out; we begin with EIRA’s editor Lettter, being also an interesting statement:

Our independent, specialised monthly newsletter Energy International Risk Assessment (EIRA) will soon be celebrating its third year of circulation. We are proud of being able to offer you objective, in-depth analyses and assessments about the geopolitics of energy, mostly focusing on South East Europe, East Mediterranean and MENA energy developments.

As you probably already aware of EIRA is being mailed monthly to more than 40.000 energy specialists internationally in cooperation with the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE), the newly established Greek branch of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) in Athens.

EIRA is now proud to announce to its readers that it has begun cooperating with the London based Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM) of the ESCP Europe, with campuses in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Torino and London and our analyses can also be found on its website, www.rcem.eu.

We hope to continue our mission of a higher level of efficiency in our assessments and we always count on your feedback in achieving this. For additional information you can always visit eiranews.com.

As EIRA celebrates its third anniversary, great issues are covered in this EIRA’s special Newsletter,  Volume 4, Issue III of March 2016; issues which greatly influence the shipping markets given their geopolitcal importance:

I     EU pins hopes on Southern Gas Corridor
II   The POSEIDON PIPELINE – The Ghost is back
III  Who is winning and who is losing in Syria?
IV  Oil Prices: What’s on producers side
V   Peak Shale Oil – Nightmarish lullaby for European Customers?
VI  IRAN: Generation of change will focus on the hip pocke

Open Forum 
1  Oil Prices: Causes and Consequences
2  If stability is what is at stake?

We look forward to your comments;

Viewers can log on herebelow and read the entire Newsletter:

EIRA Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 3

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