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GAC offering lay-up and warm stacking services at South African and Namibian ports

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GAC SOUTHAFRICA layupGrowing demand for lay-ups prompted by low oil prices 

Cape Town, 11 March 2016 – GAC South Africa has added lay-up and warm stacking to its portfolio of services in response to growing demand from the oil & gas sector against a background of record low petroleum prices.

At a time when more and more vessels are standing idle, owners and operators are seeking cost-effective options to lay them up until suitable and profitable employment is found. Ports in South Africa and its neighbour Namibia offer a viable alternative as they combine space to accommodate lay-ups with cheaper costs and the promise of quality services and support from GAC.

GAC South Africa’s Managing Director Eric Barnard says: “With the markets being in the state they are, an ever increasing amount of our customers are looking at affordable lay-up options. Though not good news for the market, it is an opportunity for GAC to offer a service where there previously was none.”

Ports at which GAC are offering its new service include Cape Town, Ngqura (Coega), Durban and Saldanha Bay in South Africa, as well at the Namibian port Walvis Bay.

There is more to a lay-up or warm stacking than simply dropping anchor and turning the engines off. That’s why GAC’s provides a comprehensive package of support services for lay-ups and warm stacking (keeping idle vessels in a semi-ready state, suitable for those not expected to remain unemployed for extended periods) that includes:

  • Approval of lay-up arrangements
  • Safety and Security matters
  • Preservation and Maintenance
  • Vessel Inspections
  • Hull Inspections
  • Status reports
  • Port Agency
  • Husbandry (Crew matters / ship supplies)
  • Logistics

For more about GAC South Africa’s lay-up solutions go towww.gac.com/southafrica  

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