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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With no significant changes the BDI closed earlier today at 487 points – 16 plus since yesterday. Only the Capers and Panamaxes “did” …the trick gaining 42 and 33 points respectively standing at 466 the BCI 2014 and 596 the BPI; John Faraclas reports:

So nothing spectacular – as many thought yesterday and prayed for 100 plus points for today. It can’t happen just like that, and wonder why many people have such …hallucinations given the worse market parameters and an uncertain geopolitical environment which surfaces with the economy and politics in tatters, given the Panama Papers effect, for which we disagree as we understand that there  are other sinister reasons behind all these revelations.  We will elaborate soon on this. The Supras remained at the same level as yesterday with the BSI stuck at 479 and the Handies’ BHSI at 275 – just one point plus… A …healthy and …promising dry market has almost all its main indices on a plus mode…

The wets on a …downfall with the last published BDTI and BCTI at 808 – minus 25, and 494 – minus 1; an altogether different picture from the dry market.

Many shipping companies have to clear their mess, others selling to survive others not knowing what to do and there are many questions from the market flying around. The end for many has come! The courts of law will have a lot to deal with!

The price of oil is slipping below the US$ 36 and well, we might see, as we have said a month ago, many surprises.

The Migrants issue goes from worse to worse and let’s see what the Pope of Rome’s visit on the Greek Island of Lesbos brings. The Greek Authorities they had it. They were never ever RWAD (Ready Willing and Able to Deliver) an iota of what everybody was normally “expecting”. NO EXCUSES!!!!

Equally the European Union lacks from an RWAD on the issue – not menton on how many other issues; its actions and developments prove how right we have been all along… Shame for all MP’s and MEP’s. Hypocrisy at its best. The oxymoron though has happened and Migrants can now fly directly, say to Germany, avoiding the infamous Migrants route through FYROM, Serbia, Hungary, Austria to Germnay…!

In South Africa president Zuma survived; impeachment failed to materialise… No second chance though; he makes or breaks!

In China corruption surrounds due to bribes one of the former top brash members of the Chinese Army… In general, China must put its house in order as it will create tremors in the world trade…

In Greece the current Government and opposition will create more mess… Imagine on top of everything else a GREXIT amid a bankrupt nation and the effect in the world order. Time for SYRIZA to go… Enough! With capital controls still on and NO development and FDI, what do you expect, particularly with third rated mininsters and administrators! Here, as we mentioned above on the MIGRANTS issue you failed guys and dolls, you failed spectacularly! That’s the harsh reality! Despite the fact that Greeks marvel abroad in all fronts (controlling successfully despite any known crisis over the last century the largest shipping fleet) and amongst them there are excellent negotiators who together with some Greeks in Athens – who are realy on a very good par with reality to save the country, nothing happens for dealing with the reforms and other issues as the lefty loney insists and will definetly create the accident… and the insident… Enough!

The BREXIT is now a possibility and it remains to be seen if Britannia is saved within or outside the European Union; a very tight game to watch. Every single vote counts. Both sides though must impartially see the prons and cons so no one complains in the aftermath of any disaster waiting to happen…

Remind you that the entire “Mighty Continent” is in the same and even worse situation – Germany, France, Italy, Spain, to name but a few nations are worse off than Greece; fairs fair! We have to speak up. The Creator gave us a neck to stick it out!

Turkey might become a hot spot with sudden developments… I guess Uncle sam must have passed on he message to Erdogan…

Armenia and Azerbaijan must make peace here and now. A just peace to avoid to and from fighting every ten years…

What diretion Putin wants to follow, is another story. For sure he will d anything as the late Mrs. Thacher to keep Crimea and dominate estern Ukraine and the entire region he sees as his sphere of protection. The energy issues is his weapon!

The Brazilian vice president is under impeachment; Brazil is being watched by billions who want a smooth Olympic Games and not messy internal politics to overshadow same. South America neds a nation to lead; and that’s Brazil which must be streamlined on all fronts!

Mustard without … honey was used by ISIS against Syrian troops. Expect retaliation of the worse kind… Time please. Let the coalitions (yes in plural) ground forces make the trick here and now.  Smash them, before they inflict further damage on all in the World. Remember the Athenians how swiftly they punished all those who betrayed them in antiquity!

Donald Trump talks hard on Mexico. Wonder how Hillary reacts on all these. At the end of the day we need a very powerful hegemon president in the USA to create a new world order. We need one here and now!

Be on guard with terrorists. Safe guard the Airports AND the ports. Secure by international Naval force the World’s Straits!!!

Be on guard for unexpected phenomena in the world’s financial markets!

Have a nice evening! Tomorrow is another day!

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