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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Rich pickings” today as the BDI’s 22 plus points since yesterday brings a …climate of “euphoria” amid the cold spring up here in the north, for those trying to make a fistful of dollars from brokerage commission, ignoring the coming geopolitical Armageddon; John Faraclas ends the week with a strong warning note:

At 539 the BDI’s 22 points plus and the weekly 89 plus from last Friday’s 450 points, reflects only the Capers, the Capesize vessels which nearly gained one hundred points plus since yesterday – 94 to be precise, bring the respective index, the BCI 2014 at 656 points. These 311 points plus, since last week’s 345 points, are indeed for the market parameters a huge rise, but… I will leave you with the” but” and look forward to your written comments…

The Panamaxes and the respective BPI gained another 16 points and an overall of 108 from last week’s 535 points; a modest rise but caution here is also advised, as our favourable size’s chartering period levels is too low and when you see reputable first class houses committing their tonnage for 12-18 months at region US$ 5-5, 500 per diem, you can tell me what these entities will do, if, repeat if, the market sky rocks to US$ 15, 000 and above per diem? Will they break / repudiate these timecharters? Will the market gain this US$ 15, 000 per diem within the very near future for these period charters?  How sure we are and in particular the media, with the clever buzz words and carefully uploaded catch phrases, to look nice for the bright side we supposedly live today and the weeks/months to come?

The Supras and the respective BSI gained just three points since yesterday standing at 488 points and an overall of a dozen points plus since last week’s 476. Alike the Handies and the respective BHSI – which gained six points today, an exemption from the plus/minus one, two or three points we were used to see lately or even being stable/stuck, gaining also 14 points since last week’s 272, both sizes are on a very slow pace and rise, confirming, once again, our worries and view that one or two sizes create a good dry market!

Again, let’s see the BDI with the levels of Christmas 2013 at above the 2, 200 point mark and then let’s talk, the 1, 800 points we “request” from the market is a must for the sort run and avoid further disorders as we read in the news over the last three months!

The Wets and the last published BDTI and BCTI brought mixed feelings; the Dirties were minus 22 since last time round and an overall off minus 88 since last week’s 840 points; the Cleans got four points plus (498) and three overall since last week’s 495… Caution here too.

So with an uncertain Geopolitical front comprised by the effects of a Global Recession, Warring Situations and possible Uprisings and Revolts,   which can soon go off-hand and  might be  uncontrollable – that will be fine, unstoppable though is the biggest worry, as we believe these developments might end up… And then? “Et maintenant” as Gilbert Bécaud hit tell us?

The price of oil, the WTI continues to play games and, as you read this report, it stands at region US$ 39… We shall see…

A lot of “gossip” around takes place on many listed and unlisted companies on their status, position, finances and the composition of many BOD’s. Add scandals ready to be aired and you will be surprised what might come out very soon. Never forget that “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”! Compliance with the laws of Tax Havens was, is and will continue to be a must! Equally though “exposures”, whistle blowers and tit-for-tat amongst them “is” the “ethical” competition between tax havens, yet another. Politicians too, people and corporations inappropriate to establish any sort of a base in tax havens must be checked-out! You can’t have any Tom, Dick and Harry benefit from tax heavens; they don’t deserve it! There is an interesting  article in today’s Evening Standard by Alexander Lebedev more than worthy to study entitled; “Putin is not the villain; it’s the West’s banks laundering money”; let’s see your comments on this…

The Geopolitics is getting worse:

In Syria the massacre continues until the date all parties will be ready for an agreement, at the expense of human lives and the distortion of social cohesion in Europe!

The EU-Turkey agreement on the Migrants, or whatever you can call same, primarily it is not based on good faith; it was done as usual in a hurry and on purpose under political duress so both sides can call it off, at the expense, of course,   of the supposed human rights that they all “care” for; NONSENSE! The media, most from the media’s high paid journalists are playing their masters’ voice game; pity! It’s once again another Turkish Blackmail and another European – Brussels and Berlin so to speak excuse, delaying any process for the accession of Turkey into the European Union. If Turkish citizens begin to travel free in Europe, good bye to Europe; it will be worse than the current Migrants situation. So, who wants to destabilise Europe? Who are the Architects of all these designs to create a mess in the Mighty Continent? Are they the same people-architects of the Arab “Spring” with whatever this entails from Gibraltar to Afghanistan, from Caucuses down to the Horn of Africa? Indeed Turkey has a major problem, that is: over four million Migrants! We all know this and we are aware of the problem, but the Turkish Government, given that 95 centum of these Migrants have the same religion – Islam, they should have organised a safe and secure haven by creating cities for them somewhere in its vast territory; equally all other 56 (fifty-six) Muslim countries should have allowed these migrants to settle in their respective Sunni and Shia’s environment, until peace is established so they can return back to their homelands. Having said that, are we prepared for another major exodus from Turkey now that the wetaher improves, as well as from Northern Africa’s coast were another 4 to 5 million Migrants-to-be are about to start, weather permitted, the crossings to Italy – south of Italy, its islands such as  Sicily and Labedussa?

The Armenian – Azeri conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh also continues. Both Russia and Turkey have vested interests in the region and its wider periphery… Equally the West and in particular Europe, not to mention the Shipping Industry energy carriers, far safer than pipelines…

BREXIT and GREXIT and all other –EXITs are building up… Woooow! In the United Kingdom things are like a film full of suspense these days; the BREXIT issue, the pamphlet costing £ 9 million which Mr. Cameron defends that he is right to do so and will help every single household understand what is at stake in case of a BREXIT, given what might happen in case of an exodus from the EU, the issue on the Panama Papers and the Migrants too ante portas… are top news!

In Greece the current regime has made it a total mess in almost all fronts, save the government’s nomenclature benefits at all levels.  The opposition too is split, and more populist’s voices are being heard once again. Nemesis is ante portas though and despite the next 12 months of hot, very hot and unimaginable events, Nemesis will strike! As for the Minister of Shipping and his ministry’s pamphlet for the Migrants occupying the Port of Piraeus, what can one say? Very simply, he had the chance to avoid all these printing costs, and ridiculation as well as other colossal expenses and cut sort, intercept from the very first moment he took office, the transportation of all these hundreds of thousands of desperate people from day one; he simply lacked the power to say no to his masters and you can see the result; it is the result that counts Mr. Dritsas. His wife too, given the various reports that have been aired, simply proves that she must leave the country before one day, despite her age and position and protégées, she will be judged in an unprecedented way by the International Court of Human Rights for her ministerial tenure and other positions she holds, managing the Migrants issue! The Hellenic Coast Guard too, which has been involved with dramatic issues and results – resignation of Admiral Badias nearly a couple of years ago on the very Migrants issue, must choose between political orders and national task! The Hellenic Coast Guard has saved thousands of lives and could have deterred all these unnecessary troubles, if its leadership had stood by the circumstances and raised their voice honouring in full their uniform and sworn task to protect the Greek State, its citizens, European Union’s borders and conversely Europe. The Hellenic Coast Guard officers and personnel, with very few exemptions due to political interference, have done their utmost best with very few means! Hands off the Hellenic Coast Guard and let them do their job; do not politically interfere/intervene. All things being equal, we also have to mention herein, that all previous Greek Regimes were in the position of Prometheus in Bounds – vis-à-vis the Migrants issue, better say with all those desperate people mainly from war-torn Syria and other countries in the close periphery, whose state of affairs was terrible, life unbearable and had to fled, but others of dubious’ emanation so to speak, also had to be stopped. But who can stop the Turkish traffickers backed from a Blackmailing current Turkish regime? By the way, FRONTEX has been a disaster so far and we can entertain live on any major international TV Channel all those opposing our position and criticism on FRONTEX. We are exercising the Aristotelian Constructive Criticism if you like!  You can read also one of our special coverage on this issue… as well as all our last week’s reports, particularly that of yesterday. What happens with the vetting of Greece and whether an agreement with its creditors will be reached for the mutual benefit of all, it remains to be seen. We have made a written prediction of what is to happen, and we adhere to it! We also believe, and stick to our main reference, that all about Greece is a well-orchestrated scam! A perfect fraud to harm the Greek people and Greece’s territory for many reasons! Time will tell, you bet! Unless… As you read these lines, please note that after combined efforts of the Mayor of the island Manolis Vournous, the Harbour Master Captain (HCG) Christos Fragias and others, the Port of Chios occupied by the Migrants is now back to norm; let’s hope nothing else happens. The Migrants have returned to the Hot Spots specially designated for them. I guess we have enough from all those NGO’s and Solidarity Groups; they serve other interests wherever they emanate from!

The Terrorists hunt in Belgium and France as well as in other Countries and Places continues with some success from the authorities there. We need though to get a grip on all these culprits and punish them; ensure also them, their accomplices and whoever has unlawful and inhumane designs against Europe, learn from this punishment and stop all this mess. We must saw ZERO Tolerance at any cost!

The US presidential elections proceed like a breath-taking basket-ball game where everything is possible to happen, even in the last second. Will Sanders supporters back Hillary in the final race to the White House? What’s the real thing behind Donald Tramp?  The world has a lot of problems, colossal if I many say so, and you all know and hopefully understand that the new resident of the White House must sort-out!

Africa continues as per yesterday’s coverage, so does China which is trying to expand in Europe via Greece’s port-hubs; we shall see though how the finances of China behave and develop… both in the short and long term… The 67 centum of the PPA – Port of Piraeus  sale to COSCO of China, has been sealed today in a very special ceremony from the Greek Government which previously vehemently objected and opposed even to one centum of this sale… Times change or…

Australia …sings the song…

That’s all for now, more or less…, take care and have a nice weekend!


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