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‘ΝΙΑΤΑ ΨΗΛΑ’   Above all the Caring for th Youth is what count


Project Connect is hosting its first of a series of self-development seminars, on April 23rd 2016, at Eugenidis Foundation on Syngrou Avenue. The seminar “ΝΙΑΤΑ ΨΗΛΑ” is offered for free by Project CONNECT and our guest speaker will be Dr John Kalogerakis – JMK ANTHROPOCENTRIC CORPORATE TRAINING.

Dr John Kalogerakis is a motivational speaker who has been Training, Developing and Empowering people since 1982. www.jmk.gr

With the undeserving cloud of negativity and apathy prevailing in our country, due to the current situation, we believe there is a need to instill hope and encourage the youth of Greece with confidence and tangible opportunities.

Our objective is to address Professionals-in-the-making, as we call them, (and even younger, High-school students,  interested in shipping) who’s spirits need lifting and who are seeking stimulation to help them jump start their careers and eventually manage quality and decent lives in our Πατρίδα  – Greece; this is why we have prepared these free self-awareness and self-development seminars for them.

We want the Greek youth to stay in Greece and SIEZE the opportunities to CREATE and SUSTAIN within synergies and teams here!

An objective of the Founders of Project Connect, since 2012, has been to instigate the Shipping community’s awareness to the relevance of properly training, preparing and grooming the young adults who will inevitably be managing and supporting shipping companies and ultimately sustaining the future excellence of Greek Shipping.

To learn more about Project Connect,

Please contact: Katia Galouka, Project Coordinator,  events@connect-her.gr  – www.connect-her.gr

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