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Let’s do it Greece; Let’s do it 2016 – Let’s Clean up our country in one day!

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Yanna Pavlopoulou with the Mayor of Piraeus Yannis Moralis

Yanna Pavlopoulou with the Mayor of Piraeus Yannis Moralis

Greece participated on Sunday, April 17, 2016, for the fifth consecutive time, into the worldwide waste cleanup campaign Let’s do it 2016Let’s Clean up our country in one day!

«Let’s Do It World» (http://www.letsdoitworld.org) volunteer movement first evolved in 2008 in Estonia and today is considered internationally the largest and fastest growing volunteer trash cleanup and environmental campaign, with the participation of 112 countries and 14 million volunteers. People from every part of the world, participate in their country’s nationwide campaign by cleaning, on one particular day, their cities, their neighborhoods, parks, forests, beaches, conveying a message of volunteer effectiveness towards the protection of the natural and urban environment.

A small team of volunteers undertook in 2012 to spread the campaign in Greece; they yearly monitor the “Let’s Do It Greece” website http://letsdoitgreece.org/ and the social media https://www.facebook.com/Lets-do-it-Greece-433804540078 503/?fref =photo that serve as a hub of central information for self-organized community actions and act as help desk for the Regional Coordinators in 600 places in Greece.

Yanna Pavlopoulou, who belongs since 2012 to the Greek LDGR Steering Team of Volunteers and handles Strategic Partnerships, shared with “All about shipping” her five year experience on the successful development of «Let’s Do It Greece” campaign.

« In Greece “Let’s do it” international campaign took place on Sunday, April 17, 2016 for the fifth consecutive year and seems to have exceeded last year’s huge success. In 2015, 37.000 volunteers participated through 2.115 organizations and NGOs, in national urban, coastal, forest, even underwater waste cleanups. The campaign, is highly recognized in every corner of the country, and vigorously continues, despite the severe economic and refugee crisis, to inspire and motivate volunteers. Let’s Do It Greece” dynamically sustains the spirit of self-organizing with transparency in pro bono volunteer actions, based on zero or low budget contributions in kind, in order to satisfy immediate needs, e.g. tickets, mobile phone cards, banners, hats, t-shirts, gloves, trash bags etc.

Volunteers can easily register and join the initiative at the official website of the campaign http://letsdoitgreece.org/. Every day the website is enriched with new entries that showcase the authentic spontaneous volunteerism at individual, group or company level, as the optimistic and creative side of Greece! That way the Greek campaign organizers share openly to the public best practices, logos and campaign material. Participants can announce the results of the local voluntary cooperation of associations, schools, municipalities and businesses that joined forces for a day across the country! The dissemination of ”Let’s Do It”spirit of volunteerism is effected through social media and ”word of mouth” peer influence, based on “Let’s Do It World” promotional practices. Moreover, their efforts have the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Education that adopted the “Let’s do it” spirit having instructed (already twice) to conduct a whole week of environmental actions inside all schools’ premises (11-17/4/2016).

The Strategic Plan was set by a scientific body HSWMA (Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association) and the campaign spread with the aid of the youth volunteer society TIME FOR ACTION. After five years the LDGR Steering Team continues:

  • To create a strong network of active citizens for the continuous exchange of views and ideas,
  • Build partnerships among environmental organizations, the educational community voluntary groups, municipalities and Regional authorities in all the Greek territory,
  • prepare a comprehensive ‘waste-mapping’ system,
  • spread the message of integrated waste management (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) with  alternative management methods,
  • Promote waste management best practices with creativity and originality.

The Mayor of Piraeus actively responded to the Let’s do it” environmental volunteer call for the second consecutive time. Volunteers wereinvited this year to the symbolic cleanup of the ancient rocked Fort of Piraeus in Piraeki, in front of the big CROSS Monument, to showcase the very picturesque coastal side of Piraeus. The Piraeus Port Authority (ΟΛΠ) this year joined as Supporter at a national scale and CommonLawgic undertook the dissemination of this volunteer civic action to the public. Photos show some results of our efforts.

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