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Atlantic Marine April 2016 news and availability

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Atlantic Marine 20APRIL 2016

Atlantic Carrier completes the removes 60 Klms of subsea power cables between Jersey and France. This is what our clients had to say about the winter charter season:

“I would like to congratulate Atlantic Marine & Aviation for the performance of the Atlantic Carrier on the mass flow excavation project end of 2015-early 2016 and latterly the EDF1 out of service cable recovery project for Jersey Electricity.

The entire crew performed exceptional in challenging conditions, their proactive approach and willingness to assist with operations proved to be invaluable.

The vessel has proven a very capable platform for the two diverse projects and will be considered favourably for future HSSE projects.

The back office support provided by Atlantic Marine & Aviation has been second to none and certainly contributed to both projects being very successful.

Looking forward to working together in the future.”

Atlantic Explorer removes boulders on the DE Race Bank export cable route:
 This is what the project manager had to say:”I am the PM for Race Bank and have had Atlantic Marine vessels on hire for the boulder removal works over the past 4 months. Atlantic Marine record with Race Bank is exceptional with over 55, 000 man hours worked on project without any HSE issues, I also had your vessels on WMR and again I can say your vessels and crews were excellent and extremely professional.”
Atlantic Enterprise with the permanent Walk to Work OAS Gangway installed.  
Upgraded OAS Gangway now offers the following connection capabilities:1. Full ACTIVE HEAVE COMPENSATED MODE

Running in auto tension mode with touch and push onto the target. (Similar to Uptime and Ampelmann system capabilities)2. FREE FLOAT MODE – (‘Elephant’s foot)
Connection at both ends and then floating free with the ability to go into AHC mode at anytime. Saves fuel and wear, but increases safety.
(Connected both ends for safety and long term connections)

3. GRIPPER HEAD MODE (Pole grip)

Permanent connection between vessel and platform on a specially adapted landing platform for additional safety and long term project connections.

Contact us for charter rates and availability. We GUARANTEE to beat the competition on both price AND  performance.
Walk to work in 2.5/3M H/S


Atlantic Marine guarantee to beat any comparable vessel charter rate.
Atlantic Enterprise
    Length 82.69M / 
    GRT 6414
  • Built 1992-rebuilt 1998
  • Kongsberg Simrad KPOS DP2.
  • OAS Walk to Work gangway permanently installed. No MOB costs. Operate in 2.5/3M H/S.
  • W2W Fully heave compensated or free float mode for permanent connections
  • SPS Accommodation for 50-75 + crew
    2 x Mini CTV & 1 x FRC all on board

Prompt Available Falmouth UK

Atlantic Tonjer
    Length 82.3M / 
    GRT 2685
  • DP class 2 – Kongsberg.
  • 50 ton construction crane.
  • Accommodation for 65-85
  • 500Msq Deck 1200T load

Diving / WROV / MPSV, Offshore survey, Geotechnical,  Windfarm operations

Undergoing Special survey and DD – next availability: Call for information

Atlantic Carrier

    Length 82.3M / 
    GRT 2685
  • DP class 2 – Kongsberg KPOS.
  • 6 point mooring system
  • 40 ton construction crane.
  • 3.2mx3.2m Moon pool
  • Accommodation for 55
  • 770Msq Deck 1600T load

MPSV, DSV, Pipe Carrier, Cable Lay, Cable repair/ Boulder removals /Offshore survey, Geotechnical,  PSV, Construction, Windfarm operations
Currently on charter S Baltic. NEXT AVAILABLE:  June/July 2016.

Atlantic Explorer
  • ROGE1 ROV installed: Survey, Salvage , subsea recovery, boulder clearance, trenching, UXO, mattress lay  
    Length 71M 

  • DP1* Dynamic Positioning System (L3 Naurtinox NMS 6000)

  • Moon Pool (4.5m x 4.2m)

  • Work Class / Load bearing ROV/ROGE 20 tons load!

Subsea boulder & salvage/debris Grabs and subsea survey / inspection capability

Prompt available until mid May, then next available mid June:  Great Yarmouth – call to check vessel schedule.

Atlantic Surveyor
  • Geotechnical and Subsea Survey / ROV support
    Length 61.73M
  • Dynamic Positioning DP0/TA
  • 1600 HP (Bow, Stern and Azimuth Thrusters)
  • moon pool. 15T crane. A frame
  • Accommodation for 28
  • Survey Support Construction Survey Windfarm operations and Offshore salvage 

Prompt available shoreham

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